Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield Left Delighted With Personal Dolls Of Themselves On This Morning

Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield have been left delighted on this Morning after they where presented with their own personal dolls.

The presenting duo was given the dolls by Rylan Clark and they both just couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the two Barbie and Ken doll of theme selves.

The dolls had the same clothes on as the presenters where wearing on the show Wednesday morning.

  Rylan said to the pair:

Before Christmas I had my very own Rylan doll made, it was lovely.

‘People are still tweeting me saying “where can I get one?” It was a gag, we aren’t selling them.
‘But I thought you two might have felt left out so you’ve got your very own Holly and Phil dolls.’

Seeing how excited the air where Rylan decided to tell the pair tat the dolls where just moderfid Barbie and Ken dolls what they. Painted.

He said:

He said: ‘It is actually just a normal Barbie but we’ve crimped the hair and cut it.
‘Yours (Phillip) is a normal Ken doll and we’ve just painted it.’

We so think hey should actually have these out in the shops.

so cute.

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