Katie Price’s ‘Private’ Holiday Wasn’t So Private As It Was Filmed For Reality Show

Recently Katie Price has been on a ‘private’ holiday with her family but it seems that it hasnt been so private as it has been filmed for her new reality show.

Katie has shared a snap online of her and her children standing infront of a film crew while they filmed the new reality show what is going to be airing soon.

During a video on her Instagram a few days ago Katie annouced that her son Harvey Price had been doing something very ‘special’ and viewers would have to tune into the reality show to find out what he had been doing and then it has been confirmed by the photo above what was shared on Instagram of Katie and her family standing infront of a film crew.

The reality show will air later on this year and will follow Katie and her family’s life.

We will just have to wait and see the show when it comes out we will keep you posted.

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