Caitlyn Jenner Talks About Her Life And Her New Book As She Opens Up On This Morning

Caitlyn Jenner has touched down in the UK and her first step on her whistle stop tour promoting her book was the This Morning sofa.

The Kardashian sat down on the sofa alongside presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford to talk about the new book and just how hard it was to come out as transgender when you’re apart of the most famous family in the world.

Presenter Eamonn asked Caitlin if she is enjoying being Caitlyn and she replied.

‘Bruce did everything he could, raised children but it was time to be happy’

Holmes then asked if Bruce was dead as she replied:

‘No Bruce isnt dead, things like that just dont go away, i remember seeing my new driving licence for the first time and it said Caitlyhn Marie Jenner with gender mark F’

‘I’m much more comfortable this way but it’s hard for family members to have to go though this with me.’

Ruth then asked about how hard it was to come out in the public eye to what Caitlyn replied:

‘I thought i was going to do this before the age of 40 and i had electrolysis done but i just couldn’t go through it at the time it just wasn’t right.

‘Five, six months after i meet Kris Jenner i told her how i felt i had been on hormones for four and half years.

Jenner then admitted that she never thought she would have the courage to go through this and especially with the paparazzi following her every step.

More to come….

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