This Morning Doctor Chris Steele Meets A Woman Who Saved Her Life After Breast Cancer Examination Live On The Show

This Morning is the show what everyone loves and often offers some amazing advice but it often is life saving too.

On Sunday at the This Morning Live even Dr Chris Steele meet a woman who he saved her life after she watched Dr Chris do a live breast examination live on the show back in 2015.

Minutes after the segment ended Valerie Thorpe went up to her bathroom to check her breasts and noticed that something was right.

She then went to the doctors and they said that she had stage 3 breast cancer and thanfuly after large amounts of treatment Valerie is fighting fit and is ok and she has Dr Chris to thank for that.

Valerie joined him on the stage to thank him for doing the examination live on the show and that’s what saved her left.

Now Valerie got told that she is cancer free just a few weeks ago.

He really is such a hero.

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