Kim Woodburn Hits Out At Young Man Calling Him A “Fat F***” In Online Video WATCH HERE

Kim Woodburn Hits Out At Young Man Calling Him A "Fat F***" In Online Video

She caused outrage in the Celebrity Big Brother house and blames it on being inside that house but now Kim Woodburn has proved that she actually is like that in real life as a video has surfaced online.

in the video Kim is sitting with a group of youngsters having a drink in a bar when she can be heard calling one of the youngsters a “fat f****’.

 The video as filmed on Sunday and you can clearly hear that other people who where sitting around with Kim where trying to defend the poor man but by the looks of things Kim wasn’t having any of it.

Matty Aubrey Caplin and his female friends where chatting to Woodburn  before things turned sour and she called him a “fat young man”.

 The video was shared on Facebook and has gone viral in just the few hours since it was shared.

 In the video she said:

“Stop it all of you and stop being phonies. I said in the Big Brother house I do not want the trouble life’s too damn short.

“If you want to start being smart with me I’ll be smart with you. Don’t do it if you can’t take it. Don’t start being smart with me.

“Because if you can’t take it… you tell me the truth, I’m an old broad, you’re a fat young man.”

Goodness she is just awful.

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