Phillip Schofield Admits The This Morning Studio Is Flooding Due To So Much Rain

It’s looking like they might get a bit wet while presenting This Morning.

Phillip Schofield has revealed live on the ITV show yesterday that the This Morning studio is leaking and during the show yesterday the producers had to have buckets all around to try and catch the water.

After Phillips mic stopped working he blamed the rain as he got up from his seat and showed the camera all the places where the roof was leaking.

He said:

“Let me show you something”

To what Holly Willoughby said:

 “Oh no, don’t out us!”

 Phillip then said:

“Oh no they’ve moved them

“There were three buckets on the other side of that pillar down there but because it made a noise during that chat, they’ve taken them out.”

“It’s absolutely sodden down here, so maybe it’s a bit of rain that’s got in my mic.”

It’s not just water what’s the problem in the studio as they have had problems with mice and moths over the last few months.

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