Day: June 13, 2017

Love Island’s Chloe Crowhurst Confronts Chris Hughes Over Him Wanting Olivia Atwood

Love Island's Chloe Crowhurst Confronts Chris Hughes Over Him Wanting Olivia Attwood

They have only even in Love Island for just over a week and already there has been sex, love and coupl swapping button tonight’s episode it all heats up when Chloe Crowhurst confronts Chris Hughes over him wanting to couple up with Olivia Attwood and dump her.

Chloe asked Chris for a chat when she started to ask him about what was going on between them two and how he feels about Olivia.

Chloe said in the beach hut:

‘What’s annoying me is that Chris is going around telling people one thing and then not relaying it to me. If he wants to couple up with Liv then at least tell me. Don’t go behind my back and then let me find out through other people.’

She’d continued:

‘So basically, one minute Chris is grafting with me. The next minute he’s grafting with the new girls. Now he’s grafting with Olivia. In the re-coupling I think he’s going to pick her

Speaking to Chris, Chloe said:

‘I’m fine but I just feel like you’re being a bit disrespectful. I hear gossip from other people that should come from you. When we’re in here people need to be honest. My respect level is right down there at the moment,’

Chris then turned to Chloe and replied back with:

‘This is hard isn’t it? It is hard because I get on with you really well. I just feel like we should just put a stop to everything.’

It really is heating up so much on that islands.

Big Brother’s Lotan Carter Levas Ellie Young In Tears As He Sits Her Dow To Admit He’s Still In Love With His Ex

Big Brother's Lotan Carter Levas Ellie Young In Tears As He Sits Her Dow To Admit He's Still In Love With His Ex

She has has been falling more and more in love with him since the series began but now poor Elie Young has got her heart broken in the Big Brother house.

Since setting her eyes on Lotan Levas, Ellie has admitted that she likes him and really does fancy the dream boy but in tonight’s episode on Big Brother viewers will see Ellie get her heartbroken as Lotan sits her down an confesses that he is still madly in love with his ex.

The pair who have been spending so much time together and getting really close but deep down Ellie has known that Lotan isn’t really interested in hr but it seems that it stil has came as a shock for her.

Having a heart to heart with he hunk Ellie said:

“I just think you’re amazing. I’m really worrying that the girl you’re in love with is going to hate me. I’m really worried about,”

Lotan then replied to her:

“She wouldn’t. She’s the loveliest person. She would love you,”

Ellie then said back:

“Obviously you know I’m attracted to you. I love spending time with you. I think you’re great. I honestly couldn’t wish you more happiness. I really, really hope you get the love of your life. I really, really do.”

Ellie then couldn’t hold back the tears any more as she burst out crying causing Lotan to cuddle her while she whispered “I love you you’re amazing”.

Make sure you tune in to big Brother tonight to see that fall out from this covsation.

Love Island’s Jessica Shears And Dominic Lever PLUS Amber Davies And Kem Cetinay Have SEX On Tonighs Show!!

Wow it really is heating up already in the Love Island Vialla tonight.

The sow has only been on for just over a week and in thoughts period there is sex ad lot of it.

durin tonight’s episode viewers will see Jessica Shears and Dom Leaver have sex together despite Jess saying hats he wouldn’t have sex before marriage and that’s not it as Kem Cetiay and Amber Davis also enjoy time alone under the covers.

Jess and Dom has sex in the privacy of the hideaway but Kem and Amber had to make do with the bedroom with lots of other people trying to sleep.

Boh pairs only meet eight days ago so really thy haven’t wasted much time to be getting down. That sort of business.

A source has said

“It has taken eight days but contestants have taken their relationships to the next level.

“Tonight’s show will be full of love making and even a few disputes among the islanders.”

It’s been said that tonight’s ex scenes with not be shown until the end of thermogram to make sure that it is as late as possible to be showing something like that on ITV2.

Make sure you tune in to over the cumin days for all the fall out from their romps.

Love Island’s Jessica Shears Admits She Doesent Believe In Sex Before Marriage Just days After Sex Tape Relesed

Love Island's Jessica Shears Admits She Doesent Believe In Sex Before Marriage Just days After Sex Tape Relesed

Well she has changed her tune.

Love Island star Jessica Shears  admitted that she doesn’t believe in sex before marriage just days after her sex take was released of her performing an oral sex a to on Ex in the beach star Rogan O’Connor.

Jessica was talking to Dom when she confessed her believes after he told her just how she feel for her after penning a poem and reading it to the gal our model.

After he read the poem Jess said:

“I literally adore Dom. Did you hear that poem? If that doesn’t make any girls’ knickers drop, I don’t know what does.”

She then said to Olivia:

“I’m proper falling. I’ve never had a boy tick all the boxes like he does.”

He islanders when then asked what couple she spend the night in the hideaway they all picked Jess and dom and Dom seemed over the moon that he had alone time with the beauty.
He said:

 “Not only do we get alone time, we get alone time in a bed. And it’s not just our bed. It’s the hideaway bed. What happens in the hideaway stays in the hideaway.”

Then Jess said to Dom:

“Dom, I believe in no sex before marriage, FYI.”

But you have a sex tape out Jess?????

How do you feel about the situation?

Amy Childs Confirms She Has Split From Boyfriend And Baby’s Father Just Six Weeks After Giving Birth

It was only six weeks ago that Amy Childs gave birth to her first child but now  her relationship with the father it all over.

Amy has confirmed that she has split from the baby’s dad Bradley Wright as they have decided to go their separate way but are going to remain friends for daughter Polly.

In a statement published to the Mail Online  rep for Amy has said:

Amy has not thrown Brad out, but they have split up amicably. Brad will of course see Polly whenever he likes and they will remain friends.’

It was only in October that Amy confirmed that sh was expecting a baby and had her daughter six weeks ago.

The pair started dating two years ago but ended their relationship in 2015 but then decided to get back together.

It hasn’t been plain sailing as Bradley has been in prison for hindering stolen goods.

Lets hope that the can sort things out in the near future for the sake of the baby.