Day: June 21, 2017

Ruth Langsford Tries To Hold Back Laughter As Katie Price Sings On Loose Women

Today Katie Price shocked the Loose Women viewers as she stood up and performed her new single ‘I Got U’ live on the show.

While Katie was up on the show performing she was standing infront of her other Loose WOmen panellists and when you look in the background presenter Ruth Langsford tried so hard to hold back the laughter.

For the whole performance Ruth’s face was a picture as she just can’t hold back the laughter even though she was trying her hardest.

We have to say her face was the best bit about the performance.

How we love Ruthie.

Mike Thalassitis And Jessica Shear Have Been Voted Out Of Love Island!

Well that was a shocker!

Mike Thalassitis and Jessica Shear have been voted out of Love Island by the public tonight.

The pair who have struck up a relationship friendship with other people in the villa where voted on on Wednesday nights show and they looked really shocked to have not been saved.

This comes as a shock twist came upon the villa where there was a surprise double exit.

The islanders where having a lovely party when show presenter Caroline Flack gatecrashed a party as she annouced who was going.

The three couples left in the bottom three was Chloe and Chris,Jessica and Dom and Olivia and Mike but it was Jess and Mike who left.

Love Island’s Mike Finds Out About Olivia Attwood Kissing Chris Hughes

's Mike Finds Out ABout Olivia Attwood Kissing Chris Hughes

Well they live in a villa together so how is he not going to know??

As we told you earlier about Olivia Attwood who decided to have a song with Chris Hughes in the corridor of the villa and then go and kiss Mike who she is coupled up with moments after.

Now Mike has found out about the kiss and hit the roof and really kicked off and to be honest who can blame him.

Mike said to the camera in the beach hut:

 “She said whoever picks her, she’s going to give it 100% but I don’t feel like she’s giving it 100%. I’m not going to put my guard down when I know I’m vulnerable. I don’t want to put myself in the position where I can get pied.”

We have to say she is playing a dangerous game here.

What do you think??

Love Island Lovers Compete During Sex Position Challenge

Love Island Lovers Compete During Sex Position Challenge

It really is heating up.

So during the recent talk on Love Island it saw the loved up couple taking part in diffrent sex positions to win the task.

One person who was not happy about the task was posh girl Camilla as her and Johnny decided to host the challenge instead of joining in.

The aim of the game was the first couple to get into the sex position correctly first will get a point.

Camilla told the group what they had to do and made horrified faces while speaking as she said to the group:

“If none of you get the correct position then there will be no points. But we will show you how it should have been done.”

But then after the task had started seeing how bad the other islanders where Jonny and Camilla stepped forward to show them how it was done.

Bless them they really do make such a good couple and we think that Chamilia really should let her guard down.

Love Island’s Olivia Attwood Snoggs Chris Hughes Behind MikeThalassitis’ Back

Love Island's Olivia Attwood Snoggs Chris Hughes Behind MikeThalassitis' Back

What is she doing??

So over the weekend we say Oliva Attwood couple up with Mike Thalassitis after falling for Chris Hughes but on last nights episode Liv was seen kissing Chris in the hallway when she is coupled up with Mike.

Does she know who she wants??

On Tuesday night’s episode Olivia declared her life a ‘mess’ after she just cant decided what man she wants and keeps going from man to man.

Just two days after the recoupling Olivia turned to Chris and said:

 “I want to kiss you on the lips. Just one kiss on the lips. Can I do that?”

She really doesn’t know who to go for but the trouble is she is getting a bad name fore herself on social media in the outside world.

Just Who Is Love Island’s Olivia Attwood Who’s Been Causing A Stir With The Boys?!

Just Who Is Love Island's Olivia Attwood Who's Been Causing A Stir With The Boys?!

So Love Island has been on for just over two weeks now but there has been one person who has been the focus of the series so far and that is Olivia Attwood.

Oliva has jumped from man to man in the villa from setting her eyes on Sam Gowland then moving on to Chris Hughes and then dumping him for new boy Mike Thalassitis.

But the question is who is Olivia well we can tell you as she is a Monster girl or how she likes to call it Motorsport Grid Girl so basicly she stands waving the flag before racing cars take off on the track.

She’s done a number of modeling jobs in her lifetime and also entering the beauty pageant in Las Vegas, earning the title Miss London, England.

There you have it now you know exactly who Olivia is.