Just Who Is Love Island’s Olivia Attwood Who’s Been Causing A Stir With The Boys?!

Just Who Is Love Island's Olivia Attwood Who's Been Causing A Stir With The Boys?!

So Love Island has been on for just over two weeks now but there has been one person who has been the focus of the series so far and that is Olivia Attwood.

Oliva has jumped from man to man in the villa from setting her eyes on Sam Gowland then moving on to Chris Hughes and then dumping him for new boy Mike Thalassitis.

But the question is who is Olivia well we can tell you as she is a Monster girl or how she likes to call it Motorsport Grid Girl so basicly she stands waving the flag before racing cars take off on the track.

She’s done a number of modeling jobs in her lifetime and also entering the beauty pageant in Las Vegas, earning the title Miss London, England.

There you have it now you know exactly who Olivia is.

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