Love Island’s Mike Finds Out About Olivia Attwood Kissing Chris Hughes

's Mike Finds Out ABout Olivia Attwood Kissing Chris Hughes

Well they live in a villa together so how is he not going to know??

As we told you earlier about Olivia Attwood who decided to have a song with Chris Hughes in the corridor of the villa and then go and kiss Mike who she is coupled up with moments after.

Now Mike has found out about the kiss and hit the roof and really kicked off and to be honest who can blame him.

Mike said to the camera in the beach hut:

 “She said whoever picks her, she’s going to give it 100% but I don’t feel like she’s giving it 100%. I’m not going to put my guard down when I know I’m vulnerable. I don’t want to put myself in the position where I can get pied.”

We have to say she is playing a dangerous game here.

What do you think??

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