Love Islands Kem Thretents To Walk From Show After Newbies Simon And Tyla Come Between Him And Amber

It really is heating up in that villa.

Kem has threatened to walk from the Love `Island villa after new people `Simon and Tula have gotten between him and his new Love Amber.

This has come after Ambers speech about the recouperling last week and it really has questioned his relationship with the brunette.

Talking to Chris, Kem said:

“I’m really not happy mate. I just can’t be myself anymore. This is not Kem. When she said, ‘We’ll be friends for the rest of the time.’ Muggy. Worst speech I’ve ever heard.”

But he’s not the only person who is concerned as Amber told Montana:

 “What’s hard for me is like, straightaway he came over, he put his arm on the bench, didn’t put his arm around me, Marcel came and absolutely cuddled Gabby, Jonny sat next to Camilla and cuddled her and I just feel like he doesn’t like me.

“He gives me this vibe that I can’t explain. I don’t know if he genuinely actually wants this to happen.”

They both then had a heart to heart and Amber kepted on breaking down in tears.

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