Jessica Shears Admits Mike Thalassitis DID Go Back To Her Hotel But Not To Have Sex

It’s been the talk of the last few weeks but now Jessica Shears has cleared up rumors and admitted that Mike Thalassitis did go back to her hotel room but not t have sex.

Jess said that her and Mike are really good friends and she only has eyes from her Dom Lever who’s still in the villa.

Talking to the Daily Star Shears said:

“I would never do that to Dom, “I’ve been called a whore and worse – even my little sister is being bullied and it’s not true.”

She then continued:

“Then at Aftersun I did stupidly put my hand on his knee which I regret, but I am a tactile person, I would have done that to anyone,”

“When Mike left, he left with all his mates, we were never alone in the hotel room together,”

The pair do make such a good couple and we hope that they do get together in the outside world when Dom leaves the villa.

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