Love Islands Chloe Crowhurst Gets Into Massive Row With Ex Jon Clark After Returing `From Villa

Jon Clark Is Left Sickened At The Though His Girlfriend Chloe Crowhurst Could Have Sex In Love Island Villa

That’s what happens where you go on a Tv show to find love when you have a boyfriend.

Chloe Crowhurst was Dumpted From Love Island over the weekend but on Tuesday night she meet up with her boyfriend Ex in a London nightclub but it was scenes outside the club wha have gotten all the attention.

The pair were seen rowing and really kicking off as they aired their dirty  laundry outside the club with waiting phototogphers to catch the moment.

Before Chloe entered the villa she was seeing Towie star Jon and then all of a sudden he sees that she is entering the villa after she was ignoring his calls.

The pair where scene rowing and then all of a sudden just like magic they where snogging each others faces off.

Chloe was spotted shouting and swearing at Jon, who was no doubt insisting she had been ‘mugging him off’.

Whacent got a clue what has gone on here but let’s hope that she is with Jon because on paper he’s her type.

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