Day: June 29, 2017

Savannah O’Reilly Is Voted Out Of Big Brother

Savannah O’Reilly Is Voted Out Of Big Brother

Yes yes yes yes.

Sorry we mean it’s very sad news!

Savannah O’Riley has become the four housemate to be voted out of the Big Brother house.

Savannah who’s only been in the house for a week was voted 0ut by the public and we have to say we think the correct person went tonight.

What do you think?

Love Islands Amber Davis Puts Her Knickers In Kem Cetinay’s Suitcase And Sprays Perfume Over His Clothes

Amber Davis has proved that she would be a crazy girlfriend if her and Kem Cetinay’s get that far as she has decided to put her knickers i his suitcase and spray his cloths in her perfume just in case some of the new girls entering the Love Island villa take his fancy.

On Thursday nights Love Island ELEVEN brand new Islanders arrived in a shock twist shake-up that saw the original boys move into a secret second villa to meet a gaggle of new female contestants.

Amber was left worried that Kem is going to take a shining To one of the news girls and want to couple up with them so putting the knickers in his case is really going to stop that Amber?

This Morning Hold A Wedding Live On The Show From The Shard

This Morning Hold A Wedding Live On The Show From The Shard

Today it was a big day on This Morning as they held a wedding live on the show.

This is the second time they have held a wedding on the show but this time it was filmed from the top of The Shard looking out over London.

The lucky couple where Sonia and Paul who have waited a whopping 20 years to tie the knot but this wasnt just any old wedding as it was live on the ITV show with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby watching and the rest of the This Morning family.


More news to come…..

Big Brother’s Isabelle Warburton Says Kiran Lee Gave Her Chlamydia During Romp In Ibiza

Big Brother's Isabelle Warburton Says Kiran Lee Gave Her Chlamydia During Romp In Ibiza

They had a couple of steamy nights in Ibiza where they both had sex together but now Isabelle Warburton has admitted that Kiran Lee gave her Chlamydia.

Talking in the Big Brother house on Tuesday night Isabelle was talking to Kiran and her other housemates when she confessed that she had the STI after she asked Kieran how many girls he had slept with.

Kieran confessed that he had been intimate with a whopping around 350 girls including Isabelle and that’s when the bombshell was dropped.

When she confronted Kieran about the STI he replied:

‘She text me and I was clean. You f***ed up there sweetheart.’

Kieran then walked out into the garden and Isabelle told the rest of the housemates:

‘It was him, it takes 10 days (to develop) so I minus-ed 10 days and it was him.

‘He knows because I text him: “You need to go check yourself”. He told me the next day he had an itchy d***, it was red raw.’

Must have been a shock for them both.

Olivia Buckland Brands Jodie Marsh A “BULLY” After She Said OLivia Was Sleeping With Lots Of Guys On Love Island

Jodie Marsh Claims Love Island's Olivia Buckland Was 'Bed-Hopping' In The Villa

Earlier today we told you the news about how Jodie Marsh has hit out at Love Island stars in series 2 and how they were all ‘bed hopping’.

Then Jodie decided to slam Olivia Buckland as she said to the Daily Mail:

“That Olivia Buckland last year slept with one bloke one night and another bloke the other night – she slept with two blokes on the telly.”

Seeing the interview Olivia has decided to hit out at Jodie as she said:

“It legit pains me to even comment on this but I have got a lot of girl followers and I want to stand up for myself and other girls who may be being shamed for things they shouldn’t and bullied whether it be online, in the work place, in school or wherever by other girls.

“This is not acceptable, we are girls, we have fought for our rights. We are all entitled to an opinion but to feel victimised and constantly picked on by one single person is not fair.

Continuing to write to her 333,000 followers Buckland continued to say:

“A ‘public figure’ double my age, who has never met me, has yet again publicly in the press, with no motive, referenced me a bed hopper and a s**t, this is after previous comments about me a few months ago, and after a previously emotionally relationship ending due to my ex partner cheating with this woman.”

Olvia then called Jodie a “Bully” as she wrote:

“I feel picked on and goaded into responding in a similar way but that is not the way I like to handle stuff and as girls we should not be rising to this, we need to speak up and call people out in the hope that bullying will end.”I was even asked about this lady in an interview recently and I tried to stay very middle grounded and respect her but now seeing I’ve been called names again in the press by the same person is really upsetting.”

There’s a row beginning here.

Let’s just hope that they are never put in the same room together.