Jodie Marsh Claims Love Island’s Olivia Buckland Was ‘Bed-Hopping’ In The Villa

Jodie Marsh Claims Love Island's Olivia Buckland Was 'Bed-Hopping' In The Villa

It was only last year that Jodie Marsh had reality stars tweeting abuse on her on social media but now it seems she has been sitting out back at them.

Jodie has said that she feels series 2 of Love Island’s girls all where ‘bed hopping’ and having sex with each other when she feels this year’s girls are more like ladies.

Jodie has never been shy about slamming reality stars for having sex on TV and other antics what they get up to as she has been celibate for a lot of her life.

Jodie praised this years girls of Love Island for being ‘a lot more respectful’ while taking a swipe at the dating series’ former contestants.

Speaking to the Daily Mail the tattooed beauty said:

‘It doesn’t bother me.

‘It shows them up for what I said they were in the first place, they shouldn’t be having sex on TV and it’s just proving my point, you’ve got no manners or class.

She continued:

‘When they’re my age they will regret every bit of it, I was just trying to help them by saying don’t do it. They all took offence… but they will be highly embarrassed that they acted the way they did.

‘I never regret anything I say, I still stand by it all. We all have our own opinions.’

Then talking about this years love Island, Jodie said:

‘This year on Love Island, they’ve been a lot more respectful, they’re not all sh***ing about and jumping into bed with different people.

‘People are loving Jonny and Camilla – the ones who are holding out. They are the ones that have got the biggest fan-base and the respect. I’m not trying to say I played a part in that, but last year they were all acting like s***s.

Talking about former Islander Olivia Buckland she said:

‘That Olivia Buckland last year slept with one bloke one night and another bloke the other night – she slept with two blokes on the telly!’

Well this is not going to go down well.

What do you think about the whole situation?

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