Day: June 30, 2017

Adele Slams Love Island’s Gabby As She Calls Her A “Tramp” WATCH HERE!!

Adele Beats One Direction As She Is Named Britain's Richest Star Under 30

We wonder how Gabby from Love Island is going to feel about this.

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With the nation watching Love Island one person who seems gripped is Adele.

Yes we are talking about the real Adele the singer has admitted that she and her husband Simon Konecki have been watching the ITV2 show and said that she think’s Gabby is a “tramp” for having sex with Marcel in the hideaway.

Talking during her Wembley tour she said:

“I mean Love Island shall we talk about that? Jesus Christ,”

“My husband and I watched it last night. Real people have real sex on real TV.”

She then continued:

“No she f***ing ain’t proud of you! You tramp.”

 While talking about the show the 98,000 people in the arena erupted with laughter and clearly loved that Adele was talking about the show of the moment.

Katie Price Uses Love Island To Spice Up Sex Life With Husband Kieran Hayler

Katie Price Uses Love Island To Spice Up Sex Life With Husband Kieran Hayler

We would have thought she would have known all there was to know.

Katie Price has admitted that she is a big fan of Love Island and it has been helping herself and her husband Kieran Hayler.

Price confessed that her and her man have used the show to spice thing up in their bedroom.

Katie said:

“We love watching Love Island together in bed – it gets us in the mood”

“I won’t let him watch it without me.”

Then talking about her sex life Katie continued:

“I’m 40 next year, but I still have a great sex life and I always dress up for Kieran in the bedroom, I never disappoint him.

“I use my imagination, but he likes me with no make up on and a tracksuit too.”

Talking in confidence as ever there Katie.

Love Island’s Jessica Shears Admits Her Nan Watch Her HaVe Sex On TV And She Was PROUD

She was the first of this years series of Love Island to have sex in the villa but now Jessica Shears has admitted that her nan watched her have sex on TV with Dom Lever and she was proud.

Talking to The Sun the brunette beauty said:

 “Obviously sex becomes a big talking point, but straight after it the producers basically bring you in for a counselling session.

“The morning after Dom and I spent the night together, I was ushered into the beach hut and asked exactly what had gone on and how I felt about everything.

“They just wanted to make sure I was happy and comfortable with what had happened. It was a bit like being given a growing-up chat by your mum.”

Then Jess started to talk about having sex in the villa as she continued to say:

“When I had sex with Dom I got caught up in the moment. I really liked him and it felt normal, but obviously you totally forget you’re on camera until afterwards.

“Then suddenly you’re pulled aside by producers who want to talk to you about what just happened.

She then continued to say:

“That’s when you suddenly start thinking, ‘Oh God, my family, my nan is at home. What did they actually show on television? Did they put it out there?’.

“She told me later that she was watching and expected the cameras to switch off just before we actually had sex — but they just kept rolling.

And then she said:

“But I have no regrets and my family were fine with it, because it was just one guy and I really like him.

“As soon as I knew my family were OK about what happened I was able to relax, which is a real relief because I had the time of my life.”

How would you feel if one of your family members had sex for the world to see let us know in the comments section below this article.

Love Island’s Alex Makes His Move On Montana

Love Island's Alex Makes His Move On Montana


Finally someone who she fancies.

New boy to Love Island Alex has finally made his move on to Montana.

Montana who has been unlucky in love in the villa finally had had her first kiss and she seems to have loved it.

The kiss was a part of a task and it saw Montana and Alex having the snog but both parties did not seem to mind locking lips with one and other.

But then just hours after they where kissing again and then to top the lot they both spent the night in the same bed and yes you guessed it they kissed and kissed and kissed.

We just can wait to see where this relationship goes.

Two Men Arrested After ‘Machete Incident’ Outside Justin Bieber Concert In Cardiff

Justin Bieber

Tonight two men have been arrested in cardiff after they where spotted with machete’s outside a Justin Bieber concert.

Video’s have been shared online of police officers wrestling the men to the floor and arresting them just 500 yards from the entrance to the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

One of the policemen were seen having the weapon in their hands after the wristen them to the floor as he took it away according to sources.

No one has been hurt thanfuly and police have said that they dont think it’s not linked to the Justin Bieber concert.

We will keep you posted on this story.

Naked Attraction Praised For Transgender Contestants Taking Part

‘It’s the controversial dating show where a parson looks at six naked people and doesn’t see their face at first only sees their lower body and then after a while they get to see their face and the way they speak and so on.

Now on Naked Attraction has been praised for having transgender contestants on the show and this has gone down really well with the viewing public.

Presenter Anna Richardson introduced Izzy, who identifies as pansexual, meaning she is attracted to people regardless of gender and sexual identity.

Among her lined up dates were a transgender man and woman, a decision which won over many fans of the show on social media, as did the representation of pansexuality on a mainstream dating show.

Anna seemed really excited to have transgender people on the show as she tweeted:

Having the conversation about naked #trans people on #NakedAttraction…genuinely proud moment for me.

We have to say we 1000000% agree with her.