Month: July 2017

Sheridan Smith Has ‘Surreal’ Sex With Love Island Star

Sheridan Smith has aparently had ‘surreal’sex with Love Island star Jordan Ring.

The reality star claimed that he slept with the actress and was completely ‘starstruck’ after they meet up while they where both in London as he went to her flat for the romp while they watched re-runs of him on Love Island.

Jordan said talking to The Sun:

‘That was when I made my move… I could tell she fancied me,’

Jordan then confessed that he started talking to Sheridan back in 2015 after she made contact with him on social media.

The pair only have had sex the once but it seems both parties enjoyed their time together.

Love Island’s Montana Brown And Alex Bettie Have ‘Split’

Sad news for Love Island fans as Montana Brown and Alex Beatie have decided to end their relationship according to sources.

Since the pair have been back in the uk they haven’t seen one and other And sources have bend Sharing that they are going to put on a brace face for Sunday’s reunion show.

The source said:

 “Montana is keen to follow her dreams as a TV presenter and has been attending meetings this week to get the wheels in motion.

“She doesn’t like partying and isn’t a big drinker so personal appearances in nightclubs aren’t really her thing.

“Instead she is ambitious and very much a career woman – her relationship with Alex is going to take a back seat.”

Montana confessed during her interview on Loose Women that she used the show to become famous and jot to find love like what the show is made for.

What do you think.

Mariah Carey Now Weights Near 19 STONE After New Eating Habbits

Mariah Carey is known for her famous tunes but to not the songs what have got people talking as it’s her weight.

Radar Online have reported that the singer is now weighing near 19 stone after boozing out on food.

Sources have also said that she has put on so much weight that she now is having trouble walking and it’s causing serious health problems.

Its only been over the last few months where Carey has changed a lot As remember when she was performing on stage on July 11th when she could Harley walk along the stage.

Love Island’s Olivia Attwood Visits Chris Hughes Farm

Love Island's Olivia Attwood Visits Chris Hughes Farm

So cute.

Love Island’s Chris Hughes has taken Olvia Attwood to his farm.

The pair who struck up a relationship in the villa always laughed about Chris taking Olivia back ot his farm and fans just couldn’t see her being on a farm but now it seems they have proved the critics wrong.

The pair posed while they where in a filed full of cows as they looked pretty much in love.

Later on during the day Chris shared a photo of the pair tucked up in bed.

So cute.

Love Island’s Sam Growland To Join Geordie Shore?

He proved to be very likeable on Love Island but now it’s looking like Sam Growland could be joining another reality show.

Sam has been rumored that he is going to be joining Geordie Shore.

It was earlier this week that Sam hinted on social media that he will be returning to our TV screens soon and the word on the street is it’s Geordie Shore.

Sam was pictured last night with Scotty T from the reality show as he went out on a boys night.

Tweeting he shared:

‘Literally is best experience of my life #LoveIsland…. let’s hope it’s not too long before use see me back on the tele again eyy,’

Just hours after the tweet was shared geordie Shore cast member Chloe Ferry gave her seal of approval as she liked the tweet.

We will have to see if he does star on the show but by the looks of things he will be.

Eamonn Holmes And Ruth Langsford Attending Swingers Party!

Eamonn Holmes And Ruth Langsford Attending Swingers Party!

They are the sweet, innocent, cute couple who present This Morning but now it seems they have a naughty side.

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford are going to be attending a swingers party over the weekend as Rylan Clark-Neil annouced on Wednesday’s show.

It was at the end of Rylan’s segment on the show when he broke the news but it’s not all as it seems as they are actually filming a show there and not actually doing the swinging.

Rylan said to the pair:

 “You got any plans for the weekend?”

“Go on, tell me. Tell me before we fall off air, we’ve got 20 seconds!”

Both Eamonn and Ruth looked like rabbits in headlights as Homes replied:

“We’re filming a top secret project.”

Then Rylan said:

 “I’m gonna say if you don’t” before blurting out:  “You’re going to a swinger sex party, ain’t you?”

The pair will tour the country as they discover different ways couples maintain their relationships so they are actually not the ones doing the swinging.