Day: July 2, 2017

BREAKING NEWS! Dom Leaver Has Been Dumped From Love Island

BREAKING NEWS! Dom Leaver Has Been Dumped From Love Island

He found love in the Love Island villa with Jessica Shears and then was left heartbroken after she was kicked off the show.

Then rumors entered the villa that Jess had been sleeping with Mike who was also kicked off the show but now the Love Island journey is over for Dom Lever.

On Sunday night Dom was voted off the show after his coupled up partner Montana Brown decided to couple up with new boy Alex.

More news to come…..

Love Island’s Gabby Finds Out Marcel’s Been Sharing Bed With New Girl

Eeekkkk the heartache.

Tonight on Love Island Gabby Allen is going to find out the news that her now boyfriend Marcel Somerville has been sharing a bed with one of the new islanders after another villa was placed on the show separating the boys and the girls.

Gabby seems heartbroken that he has been n the bed with the new girl and her face in the picture above just say it all.

We are going to have to wait and see the fallout from that postcard what was send into the villa causing all the drama tonight..

TEN Love Island Contestants Could Get The Boot As Two Villas Go To One

Wow things just got interesting

So tonight in Love Island two villas become one but it comes at a price as TEN people will be sent home from the island.

In the week we where all left shocked to see eleven newbies enter the two separate villas to try and shake things up but if sources are anything to go by only one of the newbies will be staying.

The choice on who gets dumpted will be down to the girls as tonight they have to decided if they stay coupled up with one of the original boys or dump them for one of the new ones.

We will have to wait and see what happens and who stays tonight but one thing we can guarantee is s**t’s going to hit the fan.


Love Island Girls Find Out Boys Have Been Cheating! WATCH HERE

Massive shock in the Love Island villa tonight as the original girls will find out about how their lads have been behaving in the new villa with the villa with the new girls.

A lost card is posted though the villa doors featuring photo of Kem kissing a new girl and Marcel and Chris in bed with the new girls too.

As you can imaged this went down like a led balloons as the girls kicked off and went crazy.

To top the lot the producers have called for a decoupling tonight to see if the original girls want to stay with the original boys who they have been ci piled up with.

We will just have to see what happens during tonight’s episode.

Jodie Marsh Revels She Wants Her Breasts Reduced

Jodie Marsh is no stranger to getting her boobs out for lads mags and things but now it seems it’s all going to change for Jodie as she has decided to have a breast reduction.

The fitness fanatic has decided that she dissent want her boobs out all the time and is decided to havemthem reduced down to a more smaller size and to look ‘elegant and ladylike’.

Talking to the Mail Online, Jodie said:

‘The only thing I would quite like done is [having] my boobs reduced. I’ve seen a couple of surgeons about it, but because of the size of them and what they’d need to do to make them look good still, they’re saying it’s quite a complicated procedure.’

Then she stared to talk about how the older she had gotten the more she wants to look like a lady as she continued:

I think it’s an age thing. The older you get, the more you just want to look elegant and ladylike.

We just hope that she doesn’t start yo regret e tattoos next.

Love Islands Johnny Mitchel Dumpted Ex Fiancé Just Weeks Before Their Wedding

So the nation hearts where broken In the week when Johnny Mitchel ended his romance with Camilla  in the Love Island villa to moved onto new girl Tyla Carr.

Now it’s looking like it was for the best as if sources are anything to go by he has a habit of dumping girls.

It’s been reported that Johnny dumpted his fiancée just wheeled before they planned to tie the knot

Johnny asked girlfriend at the time Lauren Baxter to marry him while they where in Dubai but just week leading up to the wedding he decided to dump poor Lauren and that was the end of that.

Sources have said:

“Jonny proposed in Bali and swept Lauren off her feet.

“They planned to wed in Santorini, Greece, and Lauren was busy booking her make-up artist for her big day when their relationship came to a sudden, brutal end.

It then continued to say:

“There is no love lost between them and she was not surprised with the cruel way he used and then discarded Camilla.

“She’s secretly quite pleased he’s shown himself to be the player she always suspected him to be.”

Personally we don’t think that he will be on the island for much longer as the public will see past him and vote him off.