Day: July 4, 2017

Love Island’s Johnny Mitchel Is A MILLIONAIRE Who Splashes Out On Cartier Watches And Fast Cars

He’s the one who has broke the nation after he ended his relationship with Camilla to focus on Tyla in the Love Island villa.

Now it’s been revealed that Johnny Mitchell is a millionaire who likes the luxury lifestyle.

Jonny drives a £80,000 car, has a number of Cartier watches and will only travel first class when flying on a plane.

The essex boy’s Instagram account is an eyesight into his luxury lifestyle as ia  number of the photos he is sipping champagne on luxury flights, flashing his watches and stays in incredible hotels.

Johnny is a Business Director and a shareholder in his dad’s specialist care company and travels so much that he “basically lives abroad”.

Along with the items he also has a number of holidays away a year spending more time out of the UK than in.

Horse POO’S All Over This Morning Studio Causing Holly Willoughby To Go Into Fits Of Giggles

Horse POO'S All Over This Morning Studio Causing Holly Willoughby To Go Into Fits Of Giggles

Holly Willoughby has been left in fits of giggles as they had had a small pony live on the show and it decided to poo all over the studio floor.

Holly just couldn’t contain her laughter as the pony used as a guide pony for the blonde opened it’s bowls all over the floor.

More news to come…….


Love Island’s Jessica Shears Says Dom Was Like An “Excited Puppy” When They Had Sex In Love Island Villa

They where the first couple to take their relationship to another level in the Love Island villa by having sex but now Jessica Shears has talked about what went on in the hideaway.

The brunette beauty confessed that Dom Lever was like an “excited puppy” when he finally had sex with Jess.

Talking to New magazine, Jess said:

‘It wasn’t as short as I thought it might be. He was so sweet and so excitable, like a puppy.’

There you have it.

We bet Jess has given Dom another go since he has returned to the UK after being dumped from the villa.

Love Islands Chris And Olivia Take Their Relationship To Next Level By Having Sex

After all the drama they went to though they have proved to be one of the strongest couples in the Love Island villa but on Monday nights episode Chris and Olivia took their relationship to the next level by having sex for the first time.

The pair whreenfilmed and shown on tv getting steamy between the sheets after they have been away from one and their for 72 hours in diffrent villas.

Oliva and Chris where not the only -duplex to be having sex at the same time and Kem and Amber where on the sofa and Montana and New Boy Alex where in the hideaway after their romantic date together.

Them poor beds/sofas are going to need a good clean after that night of naughty activitys.

Love Islands Amber And Kem Celebrate Getting Back Together By Having Sex

They where the couple who where favoured to win the show but then it all came to a sudden end last week and then the final nail in the coffin was when both Kem and Amber recouped up with out her people in the Love Island villa.

Now just 24 hours on the pair are both back together and on a good track and to celebrate it typical Love Island fashion the pair decided to have sex on the sofa.

This comes after the producers of the show wanted the islanders to have more sex so they s-erased the boys and girls for 72 hours in diffrent villas to shake things up and get them between the sheets with one and other.

Love Islands Alex And Montana Have Sex In Hideaway

They have only known each their for a matter of days but it seems all them men who Montana didn’t fancy in the villa has caught up with her as she has had sex with her newly coupled up hunk Alex in the hideaway.

Thenpair went for a romantic meal and then stayed away from the other islanders where they had sex and by the sounds of things they endkoyed every single moment of it.

The pair where at it like rabbits in the hideaway and every moment was shown on tv.