Day: July 6, 2017

Kate Wright Shows Off Toned Tummy And LARGE BOOBS In New Instagram Snap

Kate Wright Shows Off Toned Tummy And LARGE BOOBS In New Instagram Snap

She’s currently dating footballer Rio Ferdinand but that hasn’t stopped her from showing off her toned body while posing for Instagram.

Now TOWIE Kate Wright star posed by sitting on the bath promoting a new product showing off her toned tummy and large breasts.

Her body is simply fantastic.

Phillip Schofield Nearly Swars During This Morning While He Does Goat Yoga

Phillip Schofield Nearly Swars During This Morning While He Does Goat Yoga

Phillip Schofield nearly swore live on This Morning Thursday morning after he was taking part in goat yoga.

Yes you did read that correctly.

Phillip and his co-presenter Holly Willoughby where left in hysterics as they took part in the wired craze what is sweeping america where you just do yoga and the goats stand on you and just climb all over.

The pair got down on the floor with yoga teacher Donna McCheyne and the pair looked scared knowing that there where goats just wondering around them but the goats just couldn’t care less.

The goats who where only eight weeks old but they where more interested in eating the trees what where in the studio.

Then while Phillip was on the floor show guest Jack Whitehall grabbed his foot nearly causing Phil to swear live on TV.

It was such a funny segment on the show make sure you watch it below.

Love Island’s Johnny Mitchel ISN’T A Millionaire As Cartier Watches Are FAKE

Ohh no.

On Monday we reported toys about how Love Islands Johnny Mitchel is a millionaire who has a Love of Cartier watches and fast cars but now it turns out that the watches are fake and the flash cars are his fathers.

‘Aparently according to sources the photos of him on holiday arr from years ago and just have been shared on his social network profile.

A source said:

“Jonny isn’t a millionaire. His Instagram profile isn’t a true representation of his life.

“The white Mercedes-Benz pictured on his page belongs to his dad and the apartment is rented from Airbnb.

“He posts a lot of ‘throwback’ pictures from exotic holidays which gives the impression that he’s always abroad.

It continued to say:

“But in reality the snaps are taken from a few holidays that he spent with his ex-girlfriend.

“Most of his designer watches are fakes, he barely works and the majority of his time is spent in the gym.”

Well who would have know?

That’s madness.

Kelly Brook Puts On A Busty Display Live On This Morning While Presenting Swimwear Items

Kelly Brook Puts On A Busty Display Live On This Morning While Presenting Swimwear Items

She no stranger to getting them out but on This Morning today Kelly Brook had her banggers out like normal.

The busty brunette was on the morning show to present the swimwear segment on the show Thursday morning but viewers where just drawn to her dress.

Kelly was wearing a black dress with a low cut neckline showing off what made her famous as she looked fantastic as she sat alongside Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

The gement featured the latest swimwear and had the Love Island boys modeling swimming shorts.

Kelly’s dress went down a storm with the viewers as they where saying how lovely and “summery” she looked.

We have to say we agree she looks fantastic.

Jeremy McConnell Claims Stephanie Davis Is PREGNANT Again!!!!


So after so many photos have came out over the last week or so of both Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis covered in cuts and bruises after they had a fight in a hotel room it’s now been said by Jeremy that Stephanie is pregnant again!

The pair who have had a troubled relationships and already have one child together what was born at the end of last year is said to be expecting her second child as Jeremy has said it himself.

Talking to the press outside his home in Dublin he said:

‘She just told me that she was pregnant. I was pretty shocked as it wasn’t planned, but to be honest I was excited. She told me that she was going to have a scan at the hospital later that afternoon. The pregnancy was not planned and given our history together took me by surprise. I was pleased, but still in a bit of a shock.

‘Steph then looked at my phone and saw that I was following some other woman. She just went mental at me and kicked off.

‘She was going mental I had not even met this woman but was just following her. She would not listen and stormed off to go to the pub and refused to go to the scan’


Love Island New Boy Jamie Jewitt Poses COMPLETELY NAKED During Photoshoot

He’s the new Love Island hottie from Essex but it seems Jamie Jewitt is not shy about showing his body off even though he wouldn’t show his abs off during a date.

The Calvin Klein model has posed completely naked before showing off what Camilla might be getting if their relationship takes off on the show.

The hunk from Braintree in Essex has uploaded complt naked photos on Instagram and also had naked shoots too.

We really think he is going to heat the show up.

What do you think of new boy Jamie??