Love Island’s Tyla Carr Confesses That She Is Borde Of Johnny As She Moves On To New Boy Theo Campbell

She’s been acting like she has been really loved over over the last few n]days but now Love Islands Tyla Carr has confessed that she is fed up with Johnny Mitchel and has moved on to New Boy Teo Campbell.

On Friday nights episode the model was seen questioning her relationship with the hottie as she was thinking about moving on the the New Boy.

Tyla admits to Amber:

‘I think I’m getting a little bit like “ugh” with Jonny. I just feel like he’s not playful enough for me.
‘He is just very soppy and I don’t mind soppy as long as it also comes with playfulness and manliness… I like the kisses and the cuddles and putting his arm around me and stuff but I also want him to pick me up and throw me in the pool.

She continued:

‘I’m just getting a bit bored and feeling like he’s being a bit fragile. If a macho man walked through the door with a lot of confidence and he was quite loud I’d probably be like…’

Then during the recoperling Tho decided to pick Tyla to couple up with her.

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