Love Island’s Tyla Carr Alleged Involved In Lesbian Romp With Blonde

Love Island's Tyla Carr Alleged Involved In Lesbian Romp With Blonde

She’s been causing trouble in the Love Island villa with the boys but now Tyla Carr has been hit by sex tape claims that she and a blonde girl had a romp while her boyfriend at the time watched.

The alleged two-minute clip apparently shows Tyla straddling a blonde female, who then performs a sex act on her while boyfriend is lapping up every second.

It’s been said that Tyla swishes her hair all around the bed while looking into the camera in a sex pose.

A source has told The Sun:

‘The brunette (said to be Tyla) met a man in a bar, but he said he was in a relationship and introduced his girlfriend.

‘She liked her too, and one thing led to another. All three thoroughly enjoyed themselves.’

A source close to Tyla has said that she is going to be furious that the video has gotten out as they said:

‘She’ll be furious about this. If it is her then she’ll be mortified that it has been leaked. If it’s not, she’ll be distraught at being embroiled in such a seedy video.’

 We wonder how long this will take until it’s published online??

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