Day: July 12, 2017

Jodie Marsh Announces Death Of Her Rescued Bulldog Just Days After She Performed CPR On Him

Sad news has been annouced tonight that Jodie Marsh broke on social media.

Jodie took to her Facebook account on Wednesday night to break the news that Louis her bulldog what she has had for 11 years passed away.

This comes just days after Jodie was filmed performing CPR on the dog after he choked on a large treat due to problems with his palate just as she confessed that she has been doing this every two months for two years.

Writing on Facebook she shared:

“I am absolutely heart broken to tell you that Louie passed away this afternoon.

“As I’d said before on my twitter, I knew I didn’t have long left with him. As a fur baby mummy you can just tell when they start to deteriorate.

“Louie was an incredible dog with a huge personality. I wouldn’t have kept resuscitating him if I thought he was in pain or suffering or not enjoying life.

So so sad but at least he had a lovely home for 11 years and lived with an owner who doted on him.


Big Brother’s Ellie Young Spotted With LARGE Love Bite On Her Bottom

Big Brother's Ellie Young Spotted With LARGE Love Bite On Her Bottom

She has been getting steamy under the covers in the Big Brother house since Sam entered the house but now Ellie Young has been spotted with a large love bite on her bottom.

The geordie has been wandering around the house with her bottom out showing off the rather large bite mark on her ass cheek and fan shave been shocked to see the photo float around social media.

Next thing they will be having sex on the show you watch.

Love Island Star Harley Judd Hits Out At Producers For Not Inviting Him Back On Show Ahead Mike Thalassitis And Sam Gowland’s Return

He was the first voted out of this years love Island but now Harley Judd has taken a swipe at the producers of the show after they have invited Mike Thalassitis And Sam Gowland’s back to the villa.

Harley who has struck up a relationship with fellow islander dumper Tyne-Lexy Clarson since they both where voted off failed to get an invite from the producers and he really is not happy at all about it.

Taking to his Twitter account on Tuesday night after the episode went off he tweeted:

‘Cheers for the invite’.

Seeing a little backlash what he was receiving from followers Harley replied back:

‘It was a joke. but I could do with topping up my tan’.

His time was short lived but at the end of the day if he has found love with Tyne then why would he want to go back on the show??

Lottie Moss And Alex Mytton Are Over After Nine-Month Romance Due To Alex Cheating!

Lottie Moss And Alex Mytton Are Over After Nine-Month Romance Due To Alex Cheating!

It seems it’s the end of the road for the relationship between Lottie Moss and Alex Mytton.

The sister of Kate Moss has decided to end the relationship after Alex had been “cheating” on her and she has confessed that it’s been a ‘rocky few months’, according to The Sun.

This comes after earlier this year a video appeared online of them having a massive spat but they seemed to have sorted things out after.

A source has said to The Sun:

‘Alex has been away all summer filming for Made in Chelsea in Ibiza.

‘They haven’t spent as much time together as they would have liked to but things have been rocky for a few months now.

‘Alex is very fond of Lottie and they may find a way to work through their differences but for now they’ve definitely called it quits.’

You never know hopefully they might sort things out in the near future and get back on.

Love Island Fans Are Confused Over Dom Lever’s “Tiny D***” In This Instagram Snap

Love Island's Jessica Shears And Dom Leaver Share Sexy Bedroom Snap

As we told you a little earlier about the photo what Love Island’s Dom Lever and Jessica Shears have uploaded on their Instagram accounts of them both laying down on the bed showing off their toned boys but it wasn’t their bodies what got people talking.

Dom’s Instagram followers have been commenting on the photo talking about how small his ‘package’ looks in the photo.

Instagram followers started to comment as one said:

“Yo he has a tiny a** d**k,”

While another said:

“Where’s his willy?”

Another another said:

“Lmao he doesn’t have a d**k,”

If you’re a regular to Love Island then you would have heard Jess talking about how big his penis was but by the looks of this photo it doesn’t look very big at all.

Holly Willoughby Shares Her Love For Love Island By Sharing Slogan Top

Holly Willoughby Shares Her Love For Love Island By Sharing Slogan Top

She’s never been shy about admitting how much she loves Love Island but now she has proved that she is a massive fan by sharing a photo on Instagram.

Holly Willoughby has posed while wearing a t-shirt with a slogan from the show written across the front.

On the T-Shirt it said:

“On paper he’s my type”

The thing what they say on the show all the time.

Holly often talks about how she just adores the show on This Morning so we can see her wearing this t-shirt a lot over the next couple of weeks.