Jodie Marsh Announces Death Of Her Rescued Bulldog Just Days After She Performed CPR On Him

Sad news has been annouced tonight that Jodie Marsh broke on social media.

Jodie took to her Facebook account on Wednesday night to break the news that Louis her bulldog what she has had for 11 years passed away.

This comes just days after Jodie was filmed performing CPR on the dog after he choked on a large treat due to problems with his palate just as she confessed that she has been doing this every two months for two years.

Writing on Facebook she shared:

“I am absolutely heart broken to tell you that Louie passed away this afternoon.

“As I’d said before on my twitter, I knew I didn’t have long left with him. As a fur baby mummy you can just tell when they start to deteriorate.

“Louie was an incredible dog with a huge personality. I wouldn’t have kept resuscitating him if I thought he was in pain or suffering or not enjoying life.

So so sad but at least he had a lovely home for 11 years and lived with an owner who doted on him.


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