Day: July 16, 2017

Love Island’s Camilla Admits Her And Jamie Had Sex

Love Islands Camilla has confessed that her and Jamie have had sex.

Her and Montana where in the dressing room in the villa when she confessed that Jamie put her penis in her.

Bending over to whisper to Montana, `Camilla said:

“Jamie put it in me last night”

viewers to the show have been left completely shocked that they finally have had sex but it seems that they are also p,ease

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Love Island’s Tyla Carr’s Sex Tape Released Online

Love Island's Tyla Carr's Sex Tape Released Online

She was rumored to have a sex tape but at the time it was just talk but now the sex tape has been published online and Tyla Carr’s ex boyfriend Andrew Georgiou who features in the tape along with another women has been speaking to sources.

Andrew has said that the blonde in the video is one of Tyler’s close friends as he shot the film on his mobile phone but insists is wasn’t

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Love Island’s Tyla Carr Is A “Sex Addict” Says EX

She’s been causing a stir in the Love Island villa but now close sources who is her ex boyfriend Andrew have said that Tyla Carr is a “sex addict”.

The brunette who is rumored to have a sex tape published has been said by her ex Andrew that she is just addicted to sex.

He said:

“But Tyla and her pal kept wanting more — they are sex addicts.

We wonder who she will be taking

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Stephanie Davis Claims Jeremy McConnell Is A ‘Drug Addict’ And Gave Her ‘Chlamydia’

Wo it’s really kicking off between them again.

Stephanie Davis has claimed that Jeremy McConnell is a ‘drug addict’ and has given her ‘Chlamydia’.

The pair who have never been shy out of the public interest have had a massive spat as Stephanie has hit out at the Irish model accusing him of lots of things as this comes after photos appeared in the media of Jeremy

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