Day: July 17, 2017

Big Brother’s Chanelle McCleary Has Sex With Boyfriend In BB House

It seems Big Brother is trying to do a Love Island as they allowed Chanelle McCleary boyfriend to stay over for the night of yes they did get down to the funny business.

Chanelle whos currently on a secret talk was allowed to spend a. Isn’t with her boyfriend despite the show’s rules stating that the housemates are not all wowed to have any contac with the outside world.

Big Brother told an excited Chanelle:

“Your boyfriend Jake is currently in Big Brother ’s boudoir, awaiting your arrival,”

“He has high hopes you will join him for a sleep over. Choosing to spend the night with Jake comes at a cost,”

Big Brother then broke the news that £400 will be taken out of the winners prise fund.

Clearly she took the offer and Jake did stay the night and it seems like she had a really good night.

Love Island’s Chris Hughes Shows Off Massive Penis In Leaked Footage

Love Island fans have been left shocked after Chris Hughes shows off his massive penis to his girlfriend Olivia Attwood in the villa.

The leaked footage has shown how appeared online if them both in the bathroom while he flashes his penis at Olvia by pulling his shorts down.

This comes just a day after `Olivia admitted that she was struggerling to walk after a night of passion with the farmer.


Vicky Pattison Announces Engagement To John Noble

Vicky Pattison Announces Engagement To John Noble

Vicky Pattison has annouced her engagement to John Noble.

The pair who haven’t been dating for very long broke the news via Ok Magazine and Vicky has admitted that it was a “surprise” that John got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

John chose an amazing ring as he picked a 3.6-carat marquise-cut diamond ring what looks stunning on her finger.

Talking to OK magazine she said:

“I was spending a few days at John’s house, which is just outside Newcastle and surrounded by lovely countryside. One morning he suggested we take his dog Roxie out for a walk.

“After a while we stopped for a sit down on a bench overlooking some lovely scenery. I was playing with Roxie when she shook her head and got slobber all over my face. When I wiped it away, John was in front of me on one knee.

She continued to say:

“I couldn’t believe it, I burst into tears. I said yes and then I looked at the ring and I was blown away, it was amazing.”

But then continuing to talk to the magazine Vicky admitted that in the days up to the engagement she thought that they where splitting up as she explained:

 “In the days leading up to the proposal I was convinced that he was about to break up with me!

“We’d had a difficult few weeks because I had been really busy with work and couldn’t make it to see him.


Love Island Fans Want to Know Who Was In Bed With Gabby As Different Looking Man To Marcel Spotted In Her Bed

Love Island Fans Want to Know Who Was In Bed With Gabby As Different Looking Man To Marcel Spotted In Her Bed

Last night Love Island viewers where left shocked after a different looking man was spotted in Gabby’s bed and they took to Social media to ask who was it in her bed.

As you may know her and Marcel have been loved up for weeks now and of course been sharing a bed but last night a different looking man was in her bed as you can see in the photo above.

One person tweeting asked:

“Wait…. that’s not Marcel ??? #LoveIsland ”

Another said:

“Umm @ITV… where’s Marcel?#loveisland ”

We personally think that it might just be down to the angle of the shot.

What do you think??

Love Island’s Camilla And Jaime Have Sex For First Time In Love Island Villa

Love Island's Camilla And Jaime Have Sex For First Time In Love Island Villa

The question on the nation’s lips on Sunday night was did they or didn’t they.

We are talking about Love Island of course and the scenes what where shown of Camilla and Jamie getting steamy under the covers and it looked like they where having sex but nothing was confirmed until now.

Camilla has confirmed to Montana that her and Jamie did have sex as she confessed that “Jamie put it in her”.

The pair looked like they where having the best of times under the covers and we think that it will bring Camilla out of her shell now.

Love Island’s Johnny And Theo Appear On This Morning

Love Island's Johnny And Theo Appear On This Morning

Today Johnny Mitchell and Theo Campbell appeared on This Morning to talk about their time in the Love Island villa.

The pair who where only kicked out of the villa last week talked about their time on the show to presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford as Johnny admitted that he did wait for Tyla Carr as he admitted on the show that he did in fact wait for Tyla but when he saw her moving on with Mike he decided to see how things go with Chyna Ellis in the outside world.

Then when they where asked about who they would like to win the show Johnny said Gabby and Marcel and Theo said Camilla and Jamie.

More news to come….