Big Brother’s Chanelle McCleary Has Sex With Boyfriend In BB House

It seems Big Brother is trying to do a Love Island as they allowed Chanelle McCleary boyfriend to stay over for the night of yes they did get down to the funny business.

Chanelle whos currently on a secret talk was allowed to spend a. Isn’t with her boyfriend despite the show’s rules stating that the housemates are not all wowed to have any contac with the outside world.

Big Brother told an excited Chanelle:

“Your boyfriend Jake is currently in Big Brother ’s boudoir, awaiting your arrival,”

“He has high hopes you will join him for a sleep over. Choosing to spend the night with Jake comes at a cost,”

Big Brother then broke the news that £400 will be taken out of the winners prise fund.

Clearly she took the offer and Jake did stay the night and it seems like she had a really good night.

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