Day: July 18, 2017

Love Island’s Gabby Isn’t In Love With Marcel

Love Island's Gabby Isn't In Love With Marcel

They have been coupled up for most of the series and it was early on when Marcel asked Gabby to be his girlfriend on Love Island.

On a number of occasions Marcel has told Gabby that he ‘loves her’ and she has never told him that she loves him back but on tonights episode it all comes out at the islanders undertake a lie detector test.

During the test Gabby was asked if she’s in love with Marcel and she said that she is but sadly she fails the test to the shock of the other Islanders.

Talking in the Beach hut Gabby said:

‘I’ve never been in this situation before, been in a relationship for a month and a half without doing the deed.

‘But I just think because we have such deep feelings without having sex means so much and it almost means more. I feel like we got to know each other in a different way and we’ve actually fallen in love with each other before having sex.’

We have been waiting for this all series and it’s going to be fascinating to see what else happens during tonight’s episode.

Love Islands Camilla Flashes Boobs In New Nerver Seen Before Photo

shes the lady of the Love Island villa but now people’s options are going to change Of Camilla.

In new never seen photos it shows Camilla flashing her boobs at the makers while she seems to be at a concert outside in a filed.

Dressed in just a top what was unbuttoned flsqhsing her bra and her boobs Camilla looked like she was having a lovely time.

Footage has also been published as the And time as the photos have been taken what they date back to just a year ago.


Ed Sheeran Cancels 10,000 Concert Tickets Due To Being Sold On Influx Websites

Ed Sheeran Cancels 10,000 Concert Tickets Due To Being Sold On Influx Websites

Ed Sheeran has cancelled 10,000 tickets to his stadium tour next year after they where group purchased and sold on website for large amounts of money.

Con men buy lots of tickets when they go on general sale and sell them on on sites where they can change what they like and yes people are paying sometimes over £1000 for a £88 ticket.

Ed has always been an advocate for stopping such things and now he has decided to cancel 10,000 tickets what are being sold for mad amounts of money.

Ed’s manager has Relesed a statement and said the following:

“Most ­profiteering companies heeded promoters’ warnings not to trade and resell tickets that would instantly be cancelled,” Sheeran’s spokesperson told the Mirror.

“This resulted in 90% of tickets being delivered into fans’ hands at the face value. The process of analysing sales and cancelling tickets purchased for purposes for resale will continue until the tour takes place.”

We are sold glad that he is doing so Ring about it eb issue it’s so not fair coming people to pay all them hundreds of pounds for such a cheap ticket.

Good for you Ed.

Love Island’s Tyla Carr DENIES She Had A Relationship With A Married Man Despite ADMITTING It On Reality Show

She confessed to Theo Campbell while on a date that she dated a married man but now Love Island’s Tyla Carr has denied that she had involvement with the man in question while talking to the press after being dumped from the island.

It was half way through the series when Tyla was branded a  “home wrecker” by the wife of her married lover after she opened talked about her relationship with a married man and it didn’t go down well with the viewing public.

Wife of the married man Natasha Buttivant has said that Tyla 100% knew that he was married and was her husband when she was sleeping with him.

Tyla ha snow hit back at the situation and said:

“I know the truth and it is irrelevant for me to start a tit for tat situation.”

There is footage out there and she is still denying that she had a relationship with a married man.

We just hope that the footage of her admitting what she did get splayed back to her.

Love Island’s Tyla Carr Talks About Her Threesum As She Admits She Has ‘Experimented’

Love Island's Tyla Carr Talks About Her Threesum As She Admits She Has ‘Experimented’

She was kicked out of the Love Island villa at the end of last week but now talking to the press Tyla Carr has been talking about that threesum what she had what was broke in the press a couple of weeks ago.

Tyla said sex is a “big part” of any relationship for her and when she was asked about the sex tape she said:

 “I have experimented from time to time to see what I like and what I don’t like.

“Sex is a big part of any relationship – if I’m not sexually attracted to someone then it is never going to work.”

There is a difference to liking sex and filming it isnt there?

What do you think are you glad that Tyla has been demoted from the Island.