Love Island’s Gabby Isn’t In Love With Marcel

Love Island's Gabby Isn't In Love With Marcel

They have been coupled up for most of the series and it was early on when Marcel asked Gabby to be his girlfriend on Love Island.

On a number of occasions Marcel has told Gabby that he ‘loves her’ and she has never told him that she loves him back but on tonights episode it all comes out at the islanders undertake a lie detector test.

During the test Gabby was asked if she’s in love with Marcel and she said that she is but sadly she fails the test to the shock of the other Islanders.

Talking in the Beach hut Gabby said:

‘I’ve never been in this situation before, been in a relationship for a month and a half without doing the deed.

‘But I just think because we have such deep feelings without having sex means so much and it almost means more. I feel like we got to know each other in a different way and we’ve actually fallen in love with each other before having sex.’

We have been waiting for this all series and it’s going to be fascinating to see what else happens during tonight’s episode.

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