Love Island’s Tyla Carr DENIES She Had A Relationship With A Married Man Despite ADMITTING It On Reality Show

She confessed to Theo Campbell while on a date that she dated a married man but now Love Island’s Tyla Carr has denied that she had involvement with the man in question while talking to the press after being dumped from the island.

It was half way through the series when Tyla was branded a  “home wrecker” by the wife of her married lover after she opened talked about her relationship with a married man and it didn’t go down well with the viewing public.

Wife of the married man Natasha Buttivant has said that Tyla 100% knew that he was married and was her husband when she was sleeping with him.

Tyla ha snow hit back at the situation and said:

“I know the truth and it is irrelevant for me to start a tit for tat situation.”

There is footage out there and she is still denying that she had a relationship with a married man.

We just hope that the footage of her admitting what she did get splayed back to her.

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