Chris Hughes Talks About Them Messages From Katie Price On Loose Women

Today Chris Hughes appeared on Loose Women where he cleared up what the messages where all about.

Chris said on the show that he believes the messages Katie sent to him where flirty despite other believing that she dint do anything wrong.

Chris claims that Katie repeatedly’ sent ‘flirty’ messages to him in the early hours of the morning.

Talking on the show on Friday Chris said:

I’m one of them people, if someone asks me if they’re flirty, I’ve got a girlfriend, she doesn’t actially know me, if someone is texting me at half three in the morning, repetivtely that’s my opinion, I see it as flirty.

Chris seemed shocked that the drama was brought up on the show but then panelist Kay Adams said that Katie had been in touch and said that she is upset at how that situation had been handled.

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