Day: October 3, 2017

Is There Going To Be Series 3 Of Doctor Foster?

Over the last six weeks on a Tuesday night the national has been gripped to series Doctor Foster series two but the question what is on everyone’s lips is is there going to be a series three after tonight’s series 2 ends.

Actress and Doctor Foster Herslef Suranne Jones has said during a recent interview that at the moment she doesn’t have time to film another’s series as she is going to be in a play next year.

Talking to The Sun Jones said:

No, I haven’t written a third series.

“The BBC has never ever put pressure on us to do more and it’s not that sort of show. You could see that at the end of series one. There was just as many people going, ‘Don’t do a series two’. It’s because people care and I love that.

“There’s a lot of trust that we’d only do more if there’s a story and a reason. So there’s no pressure to do more. We all just focus on the one we’re doing and that’s a massive amount of work for everybody.”

Suranne then said hat tonight’s episode could change things for ever as the continued to say:

“Tuesday could end this thing totally.

“I’m busy in a play next year and then I go off with Sally Wainwright to the Yorkshire Moors for Gentleman Jack. I’m not available until January 2019.”

Lets hope that when she’s free she will write another series’s as everyone has been gripped to the two series.

This Morning Viewers Left Shocked At Doctor Foster’s Simon’s Diffrent Look

He the the most hated man on UK TV at the mo ent but today on This Morning viewers where left shocked at Doctor fosters Simon’s diffrent look.

Actor Bertie Carvel was appearing on the morning show to talk about the finale episode of Doctor foster what is airing tonight and they just couldn’t get over his new look.

Bertie has ditched the beard and presenters Phillip Schofield an Holly Willoughby sat him down for a chat about the most talked abrout series in a longtime.

Omg Bertie Carvel looks SO different with no beard!!! #ThisMorning”.

Anther said:

“#ThisMorning are you sure you have the right guy on he looks absolutely nothing like him #DoctorFoster”.

He does look so diffrent as you can see in the photo above.

What do you think do you like him Bette with his beard or without?