Rylan Clark Reveals Katie Price Does Have Flirty Message Screenshots From Chris Hughes

Rylan Clark Reveals Katie Price Does Have Flirty Message Screenshots From Chris Hughes

Today on This Morning Rylan Clark was on the show presenting his regular showbiz segment when he got talking about Katie Price.

It was reported over the weekend that Katie is in the process of bringing out some of her own coffin ranges and Rylan was talking about that on the show but before he decided to drop her a message to see if the reports where true.

Katie confirmed that she is in talks to bring out her own coffin range but it was the conversation afterwards what has got people talking.

Katie told Rylan that she wanted him to say on This Morning that she has 52 screenshots of flirty messages from Chris Hughes what he had replied back to Katie.

If you’re not up to date on all whats been going on Katie stared messaging Chris after they both appeared on Loose Women together back in August.

A couple of weeks back Chris hit out at Katie on Twitter by sharing snap shots of her conversation on Whatsapp but Katie claimed that they where edited where his replies where removed.

Now Katie is threatening to shared the screenshots of his replies what she has on her phone.

Rylan said on This Morning on Monday:

 “I don’t get involved in this, but she has asked me to say that she has 52 screenshots of messages between her and Chris Hughes from Love Island.

“That is all I’m saying on the matter, she asked me to say it, I don’t want to add fuel to the fire.

“He was adamant he hasn’t sent any messages. Her exact words: ‘Yes, confirm, 52 screenshots I’ve got and the truth will come out.'”

If she has got them messages then s**t will hit the fan because he would have lied to all his fans and most importantly his girlfriend Olivia Attwood.

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