Jeremy McConnell’s new Relationship Is ‘Killing’ Ex Stephanie Davis

As we told you earlier that Jeremy McConnell is now in a new relationship and has moved on from his on/off ex Stephanie Davis.

Now it’s been said by sources that Stephanie is not happy about him moving on and it is “killing” her.

Jeremy’s new relationship was rumored over the last few weeks but it seems that photo what he shared on his instagram page on Tuesday night was the final nail in the coffin confirming it and hurting Stephanie in the process.

A source has said to the Mirror:

‘Stephanie was just about holding it together until this photo confirmed he’s moving on.

‘It was all fun and games when she was toying with the fact she might be seeing someone when she isn’t. So for Jez to have moved on first is absolutely killing her.’

At the end of the day she has to let him move on!

She just cant keep hold of him for the rest of their lives.

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