Day: October 13, 2017

Megan McKenna Is Going To Take A Break From TOWIE To Focus On Her Music

Megan McKenna Is Going To Take A Break From TOWIE To Focus On Her Music

This year has been a big year for Megan McKenna and her music career as she was finally given a life long dream and was handed a record deal.

Now with TOWIE taking lots of her time up with filming she has decided to take a break from the reality show to focus on her tunes.

The sun has reported that Megan will no longer be filming with the ITV2 film crews for the show.

A source has said to the newspaper publication:

Megan is reducing her hours so she can focus on chasing her country music dreams.

“She’s filming less days with TOWIE because of her increasing commitments to music.”

Megan’s spokesperson has confirmed the news to the Mirror as they released a statement saying:

“Megan has reduced her TOWIE filming hours because of her increasing commitments to music.”


Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away Agent Delroy Anglin Is In remission after Cancer Diagnosis

Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away Agent Delroy Anglin Is In remission after Cancer Diagnosis

Yay happy news!

Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away star Delroy Anglin has revealed that he is in remission after he was diagnosed with “death sentence” cancer diagnoses.

The bailiff is now in remission just months after he broke the news on social media that he had blood cancer and needed a bone marrow transplant.

Just after he shared the Facebook post more than 100 people signed up to be bone marrow donors to try and save Delroy’s life.

An update on Twitter has now said:

 “Delroy Anglin is now in remission.

“He still has a long way to go but this is definitely a step in the right direction.”

This is fantastic news for Delroy we are super happy for him.

Amanda Holden Admits She Love’s “C**K” And She’s Been Having ‘Gay Sex’ For Years

Amanda Holden Admits She Love's "C**K" And She's Been Having 'Gay Sex' For Years

Amanda Holden telling it how it is there.

Holden appeared at the Attitude awards on Thursday night where she was awarded with the award of Honorary Gay gong for her championing of LGBT acts when she decided to tell a packed crowd that she “loves cock”.

Holden was up on stage when she confessed her love for the male anatomy and also admitted that she has been having “gay sex” for years.

She said:

“I’ve been married to my husband for 15 years and I’ve got two kids so I’ve been having honorary gay sex for YEARS,”

“This [award] also means that I’ll be able to go cottaging. See you on Hampstead Heath!”

Then she didnt stop there as she continued to say:

“But actually if I did turn up on Hampstead Heath at midnight, the last thing you’d be expecting if you’re hiding in a bush, is a bush.

“I’m joking – there’s nothing down there. I found one grey hair about four years ago and I was like, goodbye!”

There you have it we all know Amanda’s favorite thing to do now.

James Argent Talks About His Nose Job Operation On Loose Women

He recently splashed out over £5k on a new nose but now James Argent has talked about the reason behind it.

James appeared on Loose Women on Friday when he said that due to his recent weight loss his nose ‘stood out’ causing him to want to go under the knife.

Talking on the show he said:

‘I didn’t want to change my face, I wanted it to be subtle. I wanted it to be natural and that’s how it has come out.

‘I was a lot bigger before and my features didn’t stand out so much, but when I lost weight, my features stood out – there was a big bump and i wanted it straightened out.

James then confessed that him wanting the surgery was the pressures of being on the TV:

‘There is pressure to look a certain way – there’s a lot of good-looking fellas on the show, but I’m not trying to be in competition with them’.

His new nose looks fab.

Hillary Clinton Admits She Feels Regretful About Her Relationship With Harvey Weinstein On The One Show

Hillary Clinton has appeared on The One Show on Friday night where she talked about Harvey Weinstein.

Clinton talked on the magazine show about how she feels “regretful” about her relationship with the Hollywood producer.

The former US secretary of state sat down with Alex Jones and stand in host Amol Rajan for a whole hour interview to talk about her new memoir What Happened, but it wasn’t long starting the interview when they got talking about Weinstein.

Clinton said:

“He is someone who is different from the person I knew, and the person that was involved for many years in Democratic politics for me, and for Barack Obama and so many of us,” “He was very helpful.

She continued:

“It is just appalling, what is coming out now. I want to commend the women who are finally stepping forward. I’m very glad they’re getting support. It will take courage of women stepping forward, and the rest of us supporting them to shine a bright spotlight. It’s not just about one person. This a problem that we’re discovering is endemic in many parts of society.”

Hilary then said that she wishes someone would have known what he was up to sooner:

“I regret that none of us knew about this sooner, and could have done something about it,” she acknowledged. “Of course, he does face consequences. I just want to underscore that it’s not about one person.”