Myleene Klass Told Alan Titchmarsh That Harvey Weinstein Had Offered Her A ‘Sex Contract’ In 2010 Interview

During an interview in 2010 Myleene Klass outed Harvey Weinstein to Alan Titchmarsh.

Klass was appearing on The Alan Titchmarsh Show when she whispered Weinstein into Alan’s ear during the interview.

They started talking about the topic when Alan said:

‘What’s this I read in the paper today about this Hollywood star propositioning you across a table?’

Alan asked Myleen to say the name live on the TV but she refused but agreed to whisper it into his ear.

At one point of the interview Myleene started to say ‘H’ before stopping herself saying the rest of the name.

Alan then asked her if the male in question was offering ‘an extra-murial [sic] affair?’ she replied back and said ‘yes’.

After she revealed the name into his ear Alan seemed really shocked who she had said.

Watch the interview below.

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