Day: October 19, 2017

Katie Price To Become This Morning’s Agony Aunt

This Morning have annouced that Katie Price is going to be their agony aunt for one show only.

Katie will be on the show on Friday as she opens up about how her husband Kieran Hayler has cheated on her for the second time and she’s going to be taking calls from viewers and trying to help them with going through a breakup or living with a disabled child.

The news was broken on the This Morning Facebook page as they shared:

“On Friday’s show KATIE PRICE will become our guest agony aunt for one day only!

Despite having been cheated on by partners, had three broken-down marriages and been betrayed by her best friends, Katie stays strong and carries on whilst raising her children and meeting the complex needs of her son Harvey.

Katie will be drawing on her life experiences to answer your calls. Are you struggling to deal with a relationship break-up? Have you discovered your partner is cheating? Or maybe you, like Katie have a child with a disability and need help or advice on how to cope?”

We shall be watching Katie and listen closely to her advice.

Make sure you check back to for the fall out from her appearance on the show tomorrow.

Loose Women Grab Their Boobs As Michaela Strachan Talks About Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Springwatch presenter Michaela Strachan appeared on Loose Women on Thursday to talk about her breast cancer diagnoses.

The presenter got all the Loose Women grabbing their boobs after she admitted that she feels her boobs are not her own anymore as she was forced to have implants after having double mastectomy and mastectomy three years ago.

The girls including Penny LancasterNadia Sawalha , Andrea Mclean and Jane More all grabbed their boobs live on the shoe to show their support.

Michaela Strachan Finds It Hard To Love Her New Breasts After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

She had the worse diagnoses of her life when she was told that she had breast cancer but now Michaela Strachan has confessed that she doesn’t like her new breasts.

Michaela confessed that she feels lucky to have beaten cancer three years ago but said that her breast are now hard after double mastectomy and mastectomy.

Strachan said on Loose Women on Thursday:

‘They’re as hard as coconuts, I find it very difficult to love them,’ she said. ‘They don’t look the same, they’ve gone a bit wonky.’

 ‘Isn’t it funny, I can hold my breasts on television because they’re not mine.’

We are s glad that she is now over the cancer and she’s looking really well.

Amanda Holden Admits She Has A ‘Flirty’ Relationship With Simon Cowell!

They have worked together on Britain’s Got Talent for many years now but it seems like Amanda Holden may have feelings stronger than just friends with Simon Cowell.

Amanda has admitted that her and Simon have a ‘flirty’ relationship and if they both weren’t with other people it looks like they might have gotten together.

Holden admitted that she has ‘always loved’ the music mogul but they were ‘too involved with other people’.

Amanda has said:

‘I suppose our relationship changed from being quite flirty and fun with each other, to settling down with people we are both in love with but still having that flirty, nice behaviour.’

She then continued to say that they where both busy with other people and that’s what got in the way of them two getting together:

‘We are too involved with other people for it to ever be anything. But I have always loved him because he’s really good at not giving you b*******!’

Kem Cetinay Had Words Chris Hughes About Outing Katie Price Publicly

Kem Cetinay Had Words Chris Hughes About Outing Katie Price Publicly

With the drama what is going on with Chris Hughes and Katie Price it has been revealed that Chris’ friend and fellow Love Islander Kem Cetinay warned him about outing Katie so publicly.

Talking about telling his friend not to send them tweets Kem said:


“It kind of blew up more than it needed to be.

“I think I was with him, I weren’t in the room with him but I was with him.

He continued:

“Honestly I was saying ‘Chris don’t do it!’

“I was like ‘who are you texting?’ He’s like ‘no-one’.

“I looked at my thing – Chris has just written a tweet.

“I was sitting there I was like ‘Chris have you done it?’ and he was like yeah I’ve done it.

“When he done it in the beginning I was like ‘cor Chris you’ve got yourself in a battle here’.”

We have to say maybe he should have listened to Kem and not published the tweets.

What do you think?

Phillip Schofield Hits Out At Kim Woodburn As He Tells Her To “Shut Her Face”

Kim Woodburn Forced To Shout Over Crying Baby On This Morning During Halloween Segment

They previously haven’t seen eye to eye but it seems like Phillip Schofield stood up to Kim Woodburn on This Morning today.

Kim was on the show presenting the fashion segment for Halloween as she was dressed as Cruella De Vil when a dog came out dressed in a spooky costume for Halloween but the mast was over the dogs eyes.

Philip stood up and moved the mast out of the way of the dogs face forcing Kim to step in a tell him to “stop interfering?”

Phillip then snapped back and said:

“Oh, shut your face!”

On previous shows Phill and Kim have came to blows and haven’t seen eye to eye so it was nice to sort of see them get on together.

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