Amanda Holden Admits She Has A ‘Flirty’ Relationship With Simon Cowell!

They have worked together on Britain’s Got Talent for many years now but it seems like Amanda Holden may have feelings stronger than just friends with Simon Cowell.

Amanda has admitted that her and Simon have a ‘flirty’ relationship and if they both weren’t with other people it looks like they might have gotten together.

Holden admitted that she has ‘always loved’ the music mogul but they were ‘too involved with other people’.

Amanda has said:

‘I suppose our relationship changed from being quite flirty and fun with each other, to settling down with people we are both in love with but still having that flirty, nice behaviour.’

She then continued to say that they where both busy with other people and that’s what got in the way of them two getting together:

‘We are too involved with other people for it to ever be anything. But I have always loved him because he’s really good at not giving you b*******!’

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