Penny Lancaster Breaks Down On Loose Women Over Man Who Attacked Her

Penny Lancaster Breaks Down On Loose Women Over Man Who Attacked Her

Penny Lancaster has broke down on Loose Women today after she confessed that a man attacked and drugged her.

Penny confessed that when she was a younger model and was made to believe that she was going to get some more modeling work from an unknown man who she had worked with before.

Penny and the man in question where going to have a meeting about more work when he said that he needed to stop off at his house to pick some bits up.

She confessed:

“As a model you’re putting yourself up for rejection day after day, so what you’re looking for is someone to say, ‘I like you, I want you’,”

“In my late teens I had a job with a fashion designer and he invited me to an event. I was interested, I thought I’d get more work.

She then continued to say:

“I went with him and he said he had to stop at his apartment. He had a little bar in his apartment and said he’d pour me a drink while he went to pick up his bits.”

“I didn’t tell my mum and dad because I thought they’d say, ‘What on earth were you doing going back to his house?’ But he was I guy I’d worked with, and he promised I’d meet other people. I was just naive, I trusted him.

Penny then continued to say that her her drink was spiked:

“Like in the series Liar, my drink was drugged and I can’t remember much of what happened. I just know he was on top of me enjoying the experience, but I certainly wasn’t. I don’t remember much moe.

“I was too afraid to tell anybody.”

The man then drugged Penny and the next thing she knew she had woke up with the man in question on top of her.

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