Day: October 21, 2017

Katie Price Forced To Cancel Second Show In Just A Week!

Katie Price 'Desperate' To Be Pregnant Again!

Katie Price has just annouced that she has been forced to cancel her show tonight the second time in a week.

Katie had to cancel her manchester gig last week after she received a blackmail email asking for £50,000 otherwise her son Harvey Price would have his “face punched in”.

Tonight Katie was meant to be having her Q&A show in Wimbledon but taking to her Twitter account Katie said:

Due to sudden unforeseen circumstances unfortunately the show for tonight in Wimbledon is cancelled. To my fans I am sorry I won’t be there

It’s not been said yet why Katie has had to pull out but we will let you know as soon as we do.

Liam Payne Is Desperate For Cheryl To Return To Work

With the news that Simon Cowell hasn’t ruled out Cheryl’s return to the judging panel on the X Factor it’s looking like her boyfriend Liam Payne is desperate for Chezza to return to work.

Cheryl who is still on maternity leave after giving birth to Bear Payne hasn’t really been doing much sinch she gave birth but it seems like she might be returning to work soon.

Liam has been talking to The Sun as he said:

‘Cheryl and Simon spoke about her going back next year. Obviously Simon is desperate to get her back,’
‘Cheryl and Simon have such a lovely relationship.

He then continued to say:

‘We’re all edging for her to get back to work, it’s just finding the right time and the right way to do things.

‘This is the first time she’s been away from the industry for a long period of time in her whole career and sometimes that’s a beautiful thing to have. She’s got the opportunity to choose exactly what she wants to do and I think it’s great.’

It would be good to see her back on the judging panel but the question is will she do it?

She returns to X Factor tonight to help Simon out at judges houses but now it’s looking like she might be a permanent fixture.

Katie Price Threatens To End Chris Hughes Career

The drama continues….

Katie Price has threatened to end Chris Hughes career as the drama continues.

Katie hinted that she nended her former lover Gareth Gates career so she could do the same to Chris.

Talking to BUILD Katie said:

“I lost a baby, found out my husband’s cheating, my mum’s dying then these threats about Harvey,”

She continued:

“In between that I’ve got that little t**t Chris Hughes piping up about some messages that I don’t really care about,” she grumbled.

“I will not be called a liar. I wish he will just leave it – who cares? Just don’t call me a liar when I’m not. He’s piping on about it – means you’re guilty,”

Then she went lower and said:

“Remember Gareth Gates? He lied and as soon as it came out, his career went downhill.”

Chris really needs to step carefully.

Megan McKenna Quits TOWIE!

Megan McKenna has announced tonight that she is leaving Towie for good.

It was in the week when it was announced that Megan has cut her Filming schedule down to focus on her music but now it has been confirmed that she will not be taking part in the reality show anymore.

This comes after reports have been flying around saying that Megan had cheated on her former boyfriend Pete Wicks with her ex boyfriend.

In a statement published to The Sun Megan said:

‘I’ve absolutely loved my time on TOWIE, although this series has been emotionally draining so I need a break from all the drama and lies.’

She then continued:

‘My music is really important to me and I just want to focus as much of my time on that as possible but I’d like to think I might return at some point. I’d like to thank everyone at Lime Pictures and ITV for their ongoing support.’

A spokesperson for the ITVBe show has said that the door will always be open for Megan:

‘We have mutually agreed with Megan that it’s time for her to take a break from the show. We extend our ‘open door policy’ should Megan want to return assuming it’s relevant for the stories and people we’re following at the time.’


Viewers Though Gordon Ramsay Would Be Taking Drugs Himself On His ITV Programme

Viewers Though Gordon Ramsay Would Be Taking Drugs Himself On His ITV Programme

Viewers to Gordon Ramsay’s new ITV Gordon On Cocaine has left viewers disappointed after they thought that the show would see him do drugs personally.

The show was about Gordon investigating how widespread Cocaine is in the UK and it seems the viewers got the wrong end of the stick.

One Twitter user what goes under the name of @StoutSAFC tweeted:

“Ten minutes into Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine and he’s not had a single line, false advertisement this.”

While other said:
 “Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine is such a misleading title. Shame.”
 “Really enjoyed Gordon on Cocaine. Looking forward to Delia On Heroin next week and Nigella on Ket the week after that.”
What do you think did you enjoy the show Thursday night?

Ruth Langsford Admits She Has Smacked Son Jack After ‘Losing Control’

Ruth Langsford Admits She Has Smacked Son Jack After 'Losing Control'

Ruth Langsford has confessed that she has smacked her son Jack when he was younger after she ‘lost control’.

57-year-old Ruth she’d ‘slapped Jack on a few occasions’ after losing control but then confessed that she ‘always felt bad afterwards’, and then said that she  ‘wouldn’t dare’ smack him now that he is 15-year-old.

Talking during a debate on Friday about smacking Children Ruth said:

‘I have slapped Jack on a few occasions and every time it was because l’d lost control.

‘For me with Jack, I was tired or a bit overwrought and I always felt bad afterwards.’

Ruth then turned to her husband and co-presenter Eamonn Holmes and asked if he had ever smacked their son and he replied back with:

 ‘No, that’s because he’s 6ft 3.’

This comes a day after Scottish Government announced it is set to make smacking illegal.