Friends ‘Warned’ Pete Wicks That Megan McKenna Was Cheating On Him

Friends 'Warned' Pete Wicks That Megan McKenna Was Cheating On Him

Megan McKenna has insisted that she never cheated on her one/off boyfriend Pete Wicks but now it’s been reported that a friend of Pete warned him many times that Megan was playing away.

It’s been said that Pete knew that Megan had been unfaithful but he was so content on trying to make the relationship work he put all that behind him.

A source has told the Mailonline:

“Megan has been meeting her ex in secret for months and now he feels like a mug for standing by her.

“Pals warned Pete months ago that Megan was still seeing her ex, but he refused to believe them because he loved her.”

Megan’s rep has now came forward and said that she never cheated on Pete as they said:

 “Megan NEVER cheated on Pete or sexted with anybody whilst they were in a relationship, unlike Pete,” referring to the his infamous scandal last year where he was caught sexting an ex.

They then continued to say:

“Megan has not been meeting up with Harry for months, the first time they met up was last week when Megan was single.

“They had no contact at all whilst Megan was in a relationship with Pete.”

We shall keep you posted on this story over the coming days and weeks.

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