Day: 23 October 2017

Kris Jenner Is Now BLONDE!!!!!

Kris Jenner Is Now BLONDE!!!!!

It’s looking like having blonde daughters is rubbing off on Kris Jenner.

The Momanager has decided to bleach her hair blonde as Kim Kardashian shared a photo of her mum sitting on a sofa with a glass in her hand as she showed off the new locks.

Along with the photo Kim said:

“Caption this…. mine is SWF,”

We have to say we simply love her new hair looks so good on her.

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Gemma Collins Is Going To SUE The BBC Over That Fall At The Radio 1 Teen Awards

Gemma Collins Is Going To SUE The BBC Over That Fall At The Radio 1 Teen Awards

Gemma Collins has admitted that she is going to sue the BBC after she fell down a hole in the stage at the Radio 1 Teen Awards on Sunday afternoon.

Gemma has now admitted that she was worried that she was going to be  crushed by a hydraulic platform that was raising Love Island stars.

Talking to The Sun Gem said:

 “I’m in total shock. It is a miracle I am living to tell the tale.

“I could

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Chris Hughes Thinks Katie Price Changed The Name On Text Messages To His

Rylan Clark Reveals Katie Price Does Have Flirty Message Screenshots From Chris Hughes

The drama continues.

Chris Hughes has confessed that he thinks Katie Price changed the name of the messages she apparently received from him to his name to look like he had been texting her.

Chris has been talking to Ok Magazine when he said about the name change as he said:

 “She’s said that I sent the messages on Snapchat and while you can’t change your actual username on

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Gemma Collins Parties With Ex Boyfriend Backstage At Teen Awards

Are they back together??

Backstage at the Radio 1 Teen Awards Gemma Collins and her ex boyfriend Stephen Mortimer where getting very cosy as they posed for a photo and it was shared online.

It was in October 2016 when Stephen was arrested and sent to jail for stealing jewellery in a home raid, just months after he split from the blonde.

Mortimer was then sent back to prison back in January 2016

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Olivia Attwood Insists Boyfriend Chris Hughes Never Text Katie Price And She Thinks The Messages Are Fake

Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood have been through alot together with the current drama what is going on with Katie Price buy now Olivia has suggested that Katie might have lied about the messages as she said that Chris never texted her.

Chris has always denied texting Katie back replying to her messages but Katie apparently showed a journalist working for The Sun last week the messages.


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Megan McKenna Spotted Out With Ex Harry Eden As She Hides Under Coat

Pete Wicks who???

Megan McKenna has been spotted out with her ex boyfriend and the man who she cheated on Pete with Harry Eden as she put a coat over her head t stop the paparazzi from getting photos.

The pair got into a taxi while she had the coat over her head trying not to be recognized.

A source has said to The Sun:

“Megan and Harry were all over each on Saturday.

“They spent the night kissing

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