Day: October 25, 2017

Geordie Couple! Chloe Ferry And Sam Growland Confirm They Are Dating!

They are a match made in Geordie heaven but now Chloe Ferry and Sam Growland have confirmed that they are dating ong instagram.

The pair who are both in Geordie Shore only meet recently after Sam joined the MTV reality show after he was in this summer’s series of Love Island.

Now both Sam and Chloe have taken to their Instagram account to share pap shots of them both with nice little comments in the caption section.

Chloe shared:

Chicken to my nugget @samgowland

While Sam wrote:

When half a brain meets another half a brain @chloegshore1

The pair look very much in love as they film the new series of Geordie Shore together.

Amanda Holden Left Shocked As Baby BITES Her Finger Live On This Morning

Amanda Holden Left Shocked As Baby BITES Her Finger Live On This Morning


Amanda Holden has been left shocked after presenting This Morning.

The mum of two was interviewing Ross Hunt about his struggle to bond with his daughter after her birth despite wanting to become a father when the little girl Isabelle who was sitting on Amanda’s lap decided to bite her finger.

Amanda shouted out:

“She’s biting down on my finger,” “They are clean can I just say.”

Viewers to the show where not happy with Amanda allowing her fingers to go into her mouth as one person tweeted:

 “I don’t think Amanda should be putting her false heavily painted nails in the baby’s mouth #ThisMorning.”

While another said:

“Wouldn’t be too impressed with a stranger sticking her finger in my babies mouth to be honest! #ThisMorning.”


Jeremy McConnell Parties With Suspicious White Powder Around Him In Hotel Room

Jeremy McConnell Parties With Suspicious White Powder Around Him In Hotel Room

What is the powder Jeremy McConnell.

Jerry has been filmed on Snapchat in a hotel room with suspicious white powder on  the table in the hotel while he’s on a wild night out with his friends.

The video where shared to the Daily Mirror and he can be heard  laughing as an unknown pal waved train tickets in his face – while four lines of suspicious white powder sat on a table in front of them.

There is nothing that says Jeremy had anything to do with the white powder.

Charlotte Crosby Tells Snapchat Users She’s never Getting Back With Stephen Bear After Boozy Night

Charlotte Crosby has gone on a rant on Snapchat after a boozy night out with her former Geordie Shore cast saying that she will never get back with her ‘cheating boyfriend’ Stephen Bear.

Charlotte who had white sauce round her mouth shared the video of her rant on  Nathan Henry’s account after she annouced that  “garlic sauce is life”.

In the video she said “he didn’t cheat… but he might as well have cheated”, before saying he will “never” be able to get back with her.

Pete Wicks Has ‘Turned Into A Recluse’ After Split From Megan McKenna

It seems the slit really ahs came hard for Pete Wicks.

The TOWIE star is said to have ‘turned into a recluse’ after he split from Megan McKenna after he found out that she had been ‘sleeping’ with her ex boyfriend Harry Eden.

It’s been said that Pete is ‘hardly speaking to his TOWIE co stars’ and just wants to be by himself at the moment as he moves on with single life.

An insider has said:

“When the cast were filming the Only Way Is Essex recently, Pete could barely bring himself to speak to anyone off camera.

“He wasn’t getting into the party mood and couldn’t raise a smile when the cameras weren’t on.

They then continued to say:

“Everyone was worried about him – the break-up with Megan seems to have hit him very hard.”

The insider then continued to say that Pete says he’s doing well and is simply just fine:

“Pete is feeling ok about everything and isn’t moping around,” says the insider.

“He is trying to enjoy life again as he has a lot to look forward to professionally.

“Of course he isn’t himself, he is hurting a lot.”

Ekk let’s hope that he is ok.

Strictly Come Dancing’s Janette Manrara Shocks Fans With Boobs Out On Strictly Come Dancing’s Janette Manrara

Talk about flip them out.

Strictly Come Dancing star Janette Manrara has shocked viewers to It Takes Two as she was on the show alongside her dance partner Ashton Merrygold with her boobs out on full view.

Viers started to watch the show and thought that she had her top on backwards she had them out that much as one person tweeted:

“Has Jeanette put her top on backwards…?”

While another said:

“Not feeling the love for Jeanette’s top i’m afraid. A little higher and not so much boobs, then I might think differently.”

maybe they are getting a little low on votes on Sunday nights.