Pete Wicks Has ‘Turned Into A Recluse’ After Split From Megan McKenna

It seems the slit really ahs came hard for Pete Wicks.

The TOWIE star is said to have ‘turned into a recluse’ after he split from Megan McKenna after he found out that she had been ‘sleeping’ with her ex boyfriend Harry Eden.

It’s been said that Pete is ‘hardly speaking to his TOWIE co stars’ and just wants to be by himself at the moment as he moves on with single life.

An insider has said:

“When the cast were filming the Only Way Is Essex recently, Pete could barely bring himself to speak to anyone off camera.

“He wasn’t getting into the party mood and couldn’t raise a smile when the cameras weren’t on.

They then continued to say:

“Everyone was worried about him – the break-up with Megan seems to have hit him very hard.”

The insider then continued to say that Pete says he’s doing well and is simply just fine:

“Pete is feeling ok about everything and isn’t moping around,” says the insider.

“He is trying to enjoy life again as he has a lot to look forward to professionally.

“Of course he isn’t himself, he is hurting a lot.”

Ekk let’s hope that he is ok.

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