Adele Earnt £16.5 Million Last Year That’s £45k A Day

Adele Earnt £16.5 Million Last Year That's £45k A Day

Have you ever wondered just how much Adele earnt in 2016??

Well you’re i luck as she earned a whopping £16.5 million in one year alone that makes her taking home a whopping £45,000 a day.

Adele earn a £10 million pound pay rise last year making her earn even more money to her ever growing bank balance.

A music insider has said:

 “The Adele success story just rumbles on and on.

“It’s an incredible amount of money, more than you’d think she’d ever need.

“And she has always been very careful with her earnings so there’s no chance she’ll waste any of it.

“It just proves that she’s one of the biggest stars, if not the biggest, in her industry.”

The money what she earnt was from her album 25 what sold millions and millions of records.

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