Ruth Langsford Left Shocked After Woman’s Boyfriend Had Sex With Her Sister And She Had Him BACK!

Ruth Langsford has been left shocked after a woman calls into This Morning telling them that she has had her boyfriend back after she found out that he had been cheating on her for five weeks with her SISTER.

Ruth and Eamonn Holmes seemed extremely shocked that one he had been sleeping with her sister and two that she had him back and is now playing happy families.

When Ruth asked Abigail why she had him back she replied with that she ‘loved him’ and had ‘never loved someone like him before’.

Ruth asked if she was back speaking to her sister and Abigail said:


“i am still speaking to my sister we are on talking terms”

Holmes then asked if her family members knew what was going on and she replied:

“My mum was disgusted at the time but she respects both of our decisions because we are her daughter.”

Eamon then said that he too busy loving someone else to love her and she should dump him.

We have to say we think we agree with him.

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