X Factor’s Sam Callahan Brands Former Girlfriend And Youngest Lotto Winner Jane Park ‘Psycho B***h’

Former X Factor star Sam Callahan has branded his former girlfriend Jane Parke a ‘psycho b***h’

The pair who only dated for a short amount of time has said to FUBAR Radio that she is a ‘psycho exes’.

If you are unclear just who Jane is she is the UK youngest every Lottery winner as she won £1 million at the age of 17.

Now Jane has responded to what Sam called her as she said to the Mailonline:

‘Like most of the UK, I had actually forgotten Sam even existed.’

Sam has said that they only really went on a few dates and their relationship never went past that as he said:

‘I have got some psycho exes. I mean, Jane Parks is an absolute psycho b***h. Literally not much ever happened there… we became friends and then got a bit closer than friends.

‘We went to a few events together and everyone was like ‘Sam and Jane Parks have been together for months. I was like ‘that’s not true…’

Sam was then asked if he is dating anyone else and he replied back saying that he is ‘focusing on his music’.

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