Bruno Langley’s Final Appearance On Coronation Street Will Air Christmas Eve!

With news breaking in the early hours of this morning that Bruno Langley will no longer be appearing on Coronation Street as his character Todd Grimshaw due to claims that he sexualy assuled a women in a nightclub it’s been annouced that his last appearance on the show will be Christmas eve.

Bruno is currently being investigated by the police after a woman claims that he sexually assaulted her in a nightclub.

An insider has to Manchester evening news:

“Scenes featuring Bruno will continue to be screened until December 24. These were filmed before our inquiry started. Subsequent storylines beyond this point have been rewritten.”

A source has also said that producers of the soap are going to use a ‘body doubble’ to finish of scenes with Todd in:

Crew were heard discussing using a body double.

“New scenes show Adam Barlow telling Ken that Todd has left Weatherfield with his young ward Summer.”

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