Lydia Bright Is Single Again After Splitting From Boyfriend Lee Cronin

Lydia Bright is now single again after splitting for her hunky boyfriend Lee Cronin.

Lydia and Lee didn’t date for long as she even called it a ‘holiday romance’ as she said to The Sun:

“[I’m] single. I was with that boy Lee but me and him were a holiday romance and we got back and were still talking but, it just kind of…”

The Lydia was asked about that Instagram photo what she shared of him and her having a kiss on her birthday (above) and she replied back with:

“I put it up, it was his birthday, I put Happy Birthday heart. I didn’t really want it to go everywhere with his name, but I put the picture up.

“I put the picture up saying ‘happy birthday’ and it was me and him cuddling and you couldn’t see his face or my face.

She continued to say:

“Everyone went on my follow list and his Instagram is private but in his picture you can see his tattoos so everyone was @ing him in my thing then the press found him on Facebook.

“I didn’t want it to go everywhere because it was still early days. It fizzled out but we’re still friends. He was busy and I was busy.”

Aw shame it didnt go no wear.

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