Day: October 30, 2017

Are Johnny Mitchell And Stephanie Pratt Having A ‘Showmance’?

Are Johnny Mitchell And Stephanie Pratt Having A 'Showmance'?

Johnny Mitchell and Stephanie Pratt look like the real deal when you look down their social media platforms but the question is is it real?

The pair have only been dating for a few months as Johnny was busy with other women including China from Love Island but fans have questioned if it’s real or not.

One fan took to Twitter and tweeted:

‘Are johnny and stephanie real? they look fake to me.’

While other have questioned if they are going to be together for long.

We have to say we personally think that they are real.

What do you think??

Just Why Did Liam Payne Walk Off The Stage During X Factor Performance?

Just Why Did Liam Payne Walk Off The Stage During X Factor Performance?

On Saturday night viewers to the X Factor where left shocked as after his performance Liam Payne walked off the front of the stage, into the crowd and to his lady Cheryl and walked out of the studio.

Now talking to the Mirror at the Pride Of Britain awards on Monday evening Liam talked about what happened and he blamed the producers of the show for telling him to walk to the stage the wrong way.

Liam said:

 “Producers told me to go this way and it looked like I was going out the front, bossed off the stage and took my missus and buggered off.

“But that’s what I got told to do and I got so much stick for it.

“It was hilarious, storming off the stage and taking my missus.”

There you have it.

That’s why he walked off the stage.

Ed Sheeran To Perform On X Factor AND Strictly Come Dancing’s Weeks After Breaking His Arm

Nothing will stop this man.

Ed Sheeran is going to be performing on the X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing final shows just a couple of weeks after breaking his arm after he was hit on a motorbike and fell off.

Ed who has been forced to postpone his tour due to the broken arm will take to the stage on the X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing to perform tunes from his new album.

Source have said that no singer has performed on both finals of Strictly and X Factor before.

A source has said:

“No one has ever played both finals in the same year but neither show wanted to miss out on nabbing the year’s biggest-selling singer. Strictly will be keeping a close eye on what Ed brings to X Factor and are promising his stint on their finale will be even bigger and better.

“Both are just praying he makes a full recovery in time.”

Ed is no stranger to performing on the X Factor but he never has on Strictly before but he has said before that he would be “100 per cent” up for singing on the BBC show.

Holly Willoughby Looks Fantastic As She hots This Morning in Rainbow Skirt

We just want her skirt.

Holly Willoughby looked fantastic on Monday as she hosted This Morning.

The presenter was wearing a yellow jumper with a rainbow skirt on and it was simply amazing.

The skirt was in rainbow colours and was covered in sequins and was simply beautiful.

She looked great.

Ruth Langsford Forced To Apologize After GinO D’aCampo Says Rude Joke Live

He’s so naughty.

Poor Ruth Langsford was forced to apologize live on Loose Women on Monday afternoon as the guest of the sow Gino D’aCampo decided to say a rude joke live.

Gino sat down for a chat with Langsford, Coleen Nolan, Denise Van Outen and Jane Moore when he decided to be naughty when he was asked about how he feels above Mick Jagger new girlfriend who is 52-years-younger than he.

To what Gino replied:

 “First of all I think he should have changed his name, it would be proper to call him ‘Mick Shagger’

“Because anybody who can do that, can rock ‘n’ roll.”

The Loose Women panel fell to bits and so did the audience causing Ruth to have to look down the camera and say sorry for his words.

She said:

“I’m not sure if I’m supposed to apologise for that but I will. We do apologise if anyone is offended by that word.”

At lunchtime as well.

He’s so bad.

V Festival Has Been Scrapped After 22 Years!

No sad news.

V Festival has been scrapped after 22 years of bringing biggiest music talent to Chelmsford.

Richard Branson annouced on Monday that the festival will no longer be put together by Virgin but confirmed that a new event will take it’s place.

Writing on the company’s website Branston said:

“V Festival has always been a special weekend for everyone at Virgin.

“We’ve been proud to sponsor V Festival for the past two decades and there have been some incredible performances on the stage.

“Now, after 22 very enjoyable and successful years, 2017 was Virgin’s last V Festival.

“Being part of V Festival has been an honour and there are some amazing moments that will stay with me forever – including introducing Paul Weller and welcoming V2 Records’ first signing The Stereophonics to a massive audience.

He continued to write:

“Working on V Festival has been a brilliant journey filled with great people, fun times and exceptional music.

“I have so many memories to cherish – from the mind-blowing performances to spending quality time at the festival with both Holly and Sam, who it’s no surprise are both music lovers after spending so much time dancing at V.”

“We’re really excited about the future ahead and can’t wait to share our plans with music lovers across the globe.”

The official Twitter account for the festival confirmed that a new show will take place next year.